In order to haven´t the half of the first page full of stickys, i made this thread, where you can find all important threads, see it like this: If a thread is linked here, it´s the same as a sticky.

Basic Gothic modding thread
(This thread is made for the editing-beginners, for the very universally questions, i.e. "What programs do I need to make scripts?")

Before asking for help thread
(A FAQ (work in progress.))

Characterhelper: Translation
(The thread-title should say it all.)

Eastereggs in NotR (Spoiler!)
(The thread-title should say it all.)

Editing - All about scrpiting, leveldesign and compiling
(In here it is the right place to ask the more advanced questions about scripting, leveldesign and compiling, in the case to make a Gothic modification.)

Feedback and Suggestions
(This is the place to tell us what you think of this Forum and Site what works and doesn't work, what you like and don't like, what improvements you'd like to suggest.)

Modification: Diccuric! (and other)
(Like a database, if you want to talk about a modification, please feel free, to open a special (new) thread for that special mod!)

Modifications: Solutions for some Mods
(Complete solutions, hints and maps for some of the mods.)

Need help with Gothic I, Gothic II or TNOTR?
(Before you open a new thread, please take a moment to look at these help resources WoG.com is offering!)

Strength training guide for NoTR
(This guide is for those who don't like cheating but can't find their own way through the game and need a little help training their str.)

The Marvin Database
(A complete documentation of the Gothic test mode, Alpha Version 1.0)

Newbies Guide to Gothic
(It wont be so much a quest walkthrough, at least not yet, so much as general good ideas, skill builds, etc.)

[compendium] Developing a Gothic-Mod (sure for a long time in progress )
(It should be a help for people who want to lern the Gothic-modding.)

TGA File Thumbnails

(A handy plug-in for any G2 Modders doing work with Textures.)