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    CP 2.10 remarks and questions

    To whom it may concern,

    After a long time, I decided to go once again throughout Gothic 2 storyline. So far, I never used any mods / patches with Gothic II, due to personal reasons. However, this time I decided to install this so-called community patch and play the game with it.
    The purpose of this thread is to note my own observations (I'll encounter along the way) about how this patch changed the game. I also hope that I will get answers to my questions (should they arise, and I'm sure they will) from patch team.

    Tech notes:
    1. I play the game (Gothic 2 Gold Edition) on Win 7 (64 bits).
    2. There are 3 files that come along with installer: patch files, workaround and texture files. I only installed patch files, but installer notifies me of installation failure, although it copies the files correctly. I saw somewhere that you have an issue with the installer, so will this affect my gameplay?

    My notes and questions so far (I never encountered these in the unpatched game):

    1. On the plateau behind Cavalorn, apart from lizards, boars and meatbugs, there are 2 giant rats. After luring and killing one of them, the second one - the one that left behind- simply vanished. I couldn't find it absolutely anywhere, and I looked carefully. However, and first game reload, it appeared again, and I could kill it. I repeated the operation, by luring them in a different position, and after a game load second rat disappeared again, only to appear at next reload.
    Is this a known issue?

    2. As we know, NH can buy farmer clothes from Lobart. The initial price for the togs is 50 gp. By doing the 4 quests available there, the price can be reduced to 30 gp (5gp per quest). "30 gold pieces, it's not going to get any cheaper" usually Lobart say, but this time he said only "40 gold pieces", and that was the price I had to pay.
    *edit: I actually think now Lobart sells the togs with 10gp cheaper per quest, starting price being 70gp. Still "40gp" doesn't head up.
    What's the reason behind his replica and togs price?

    3. When NH goes to Gritta to fetch the dough for Matteo, and listens to her story about her husband, Gritta basically talks infinitely about it, the only options in the dialogue being "Continue... / Cut it out...". If i recall correctly, this wasn't happening without CP 2.10.
    Is this a confirmed bug?

    4. When an NPC uses the word "tavern" while speaking, the subtitle text has been adjusted to read "pub", and this happens every time.
    *edit: this is also the same in unpatched game, so question falls.
    What's the reason of this change?

    Further notes and questions will come along as I play the game (the little time I can spare for it). Looking forward to your reply.

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    There are also other problems. For example the quest "Field Riders" from the mercenaries disappears from the quest log after clearing out the nest and demanding your reward from Fester. I am sure that other quests do this.
    Another problem is non-failing quests. When you do the quest to find out who is the assassin from the bandits camp and talk to the blacksmith and incriminate him there is no way to complete the quest so why don't send it to fails ?!

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