In order to prevent having a lot of stickys, here's a list with all the important threads.

Forum related:
  • News scouting and writing
    If you stumble on something on the net that could be news worthy, let us know. (Gothic related material, of course). Or if you think you could help with translating news articles into English, also let us know.
  • Errors & mistakes at / improvements for
    This thread is intended for the reporting of dead links, grammatical mistakes, small bits of wrong or imprecise information and all the other "bugs" that inexplicably managed to slip under the wary eyes of the administrators, translators or maybe even the original authors of the material presented on the main website.
  • Feedback and Suggestions
    This is the place to tell us what you think of this Forum and Site what works and doesn't work, what you like and don't like, what improvements you'd like to suggest.
  • Almanach Section
    Discussions about the Gothic Almanach, a community project that aims to be a complete repository of Gothic lore.

About games released and those still pending:

  • Shop overview (outdated)
    Just check the thread and the shop,... if you have additional infos, please post them into the shop overview!