In order to ease navigation and institute some form of categorization, new requirements towards naming new threads are established, effect immediately.

revision: 05/11/2010

At the beginning of the thread title, please use one of the following tags, depending on which Gothic game the thread is about:
[G1] - Gothic
[G2] - Gothic 2 and/or Gothic 2 Night of the Raven
[G3] - Gothic 3
[FG] - Gothic 3 Forsaken Gods
[Ar] - ArcaniA: Gothic 4

If the thread is about a mod, use the [Mod] tag at the beginning of the title, just after the [G...] tag(s).

If you are releasing a mod, use the [Release] tag instead of the [Mod] tag. Future discussion and help threads for this mod will still have to use the [Mod] tag. If the release thread is the first one on the topic of your modification, there is no need for a [Release] tag and you may use the [Mod] tag instead. The [Release] tag has to be used only when the author has more than one thread for a particular modification.

If, for some reason, your thread requires a different tag or you don't use one, please explain the reason explicitly in the first post of the thread (eg. a [Translation] tag is appropriate to be used for a thread about localizing a Gothic game). The primary [G...] tag should still be used.

If the name of the mod contains only an adjective (eg. Golden mod), the tag [Mod] doesn't need to be in the beginning. It can be appended at the end of the name, without the brackets, to facilitate fluent reading.

All threads that had been already created shall be processed gradually to fit the new requirements.

The contents of this thread shall be refined and the tag regulations may be subject to change. Check back often.

You can discuss thread titles in here.

* - Remember, creating threads for mods that are only in the planning phase is discouraged. You need something completed first, before you begin showcasting. Please refer to the welcome thread for more info.