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    Walkthroughs, maps, lists and tips for Forsaken Gods

    This thread is a collection of different walkthroughs, maps, lists, tips, tricks and more from G3 - Forsaken Gods.

    Comments, feedback or mistakes to this collection should be posted in this thread: Comments about Lists, tips & tricks, cheats

    Forsaken Gods

    Enhanced Edition Patch 2.0

    For special changes of EE Patch 2.0 check the handbook (located in your Gothic 3 folder) or the changelog until this thread is updated completely.
    Download the patch here.



    Item Lists

    Locations of Items and NPCs

    Teachers and Traders


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    Forsaken Gods walkthroughs

    Forsaken Gods Enhanced Edition - English walkthrough
    by André Feroi - 1MB - Version 2.00 - Discussion thread

    Forsaken Gods - English walkthrough
    by André Feroi - 1.12MB - Version 0.02 - Discussion thread
    This walkthrough does not include the changes brought by the Enhanced Edition Patch 2.0

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    Forsaken Gods maps

    World maps:

    Important places
    by André Feroi - 191KB
    Important places and NPCs - map compatible with Enhanced Edition

    World Map
    by Larisa - 407KB - Version 0.9
    Locations for NPCs and quests

    Teleporter Stones Map
    by Tim - 320KB
    Locations for all the teleporter stones found in the game.

    Town maps:

    by Tim - 480KB - in German

    by Tim - 696KB - in German

    by Tim - 690KB - in German

    Cape Dun
    by Tim - 470KB - in German

    by Tim - 258KB - in German

    by Nneka. - 2MB - in German

    by Zetsu - 477KB - in German

    by Zetsu - 503KB - in German

    by Zetsu - 508KB - in German

    Empty maps:

    Empty World Map
    The original map shown in game.

    by Jodob - 369KB

    Cape Dun
    by Jodob - 339KB

    by Jodob - 350KB

    by Jodob - 351KB

    by Jodob - 342KB

    by Jodob - 417KB

    by Jodob - 325KB

    For questions, ideas, suggestions about maps use this thread.

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    Insert-Codes Forsaken Gods

    In the following the new insert-codes of Gothic 3: Forsaken Gods. The old items and npcs have still the same codes (Insert-Codes Gothic 3 classic). The marvin-mode works like in Gothic 3 classic.
    Note: It's a translation from the German list so it's possible that some names of items or npcs differ in your games.

    This codes work with the commands "spawn" and "give".

    Mystic wanderer armor pieces
    1st piece of armor (Mystic wanderer): It_Mystic_Wanderer_piece_01
    2nd piece of armor (Mystic wanderer): It_Mystic_Wanderer_piece_02
    3rd piece of armor (Mystic wanderer): It_Mystic_Wanderer_piece_03

    Keys from the Hashishin traders in Faring
    Kazus' key: It_Key_Kazus
    Khadim's key: It_Key_Khadim
    Khalil's key: It_Key_Khalil
    Khaif's key: It_Key_Khaif
    Khalif's key: It_Key_Khalif
    Kendl's key (Dirk's compounded key): It_Key_Dirk

    Artefacts for Raik's last quest
    Kazus' Dragon Claw: ep_Kazus_Artifact
    Khadim's Dragon Skull: ep_Khadim_Artifact
    Khaif's Dragon Horn: ep_Khaif_Artifact
    Khalif's Dragon Ribs: ep_Khalif_Artifact
    Khalils Dragon Foot: ep_Khalil_Artifact

    Cor Kalom (Artefact from Minecrawler caves): It_Artifact_HectorAmulet
    Garik's Shield: It_GarikShield
    Garik's Bow: It_Garik_Bow
    Conz' Ring: ep_Conz_Ardea_Ring
    Segfried's Necklace: ep_Segfried_Ardea_Necklace
    Severin's Ring: ep_Severin_Ardea_Ring
    Soma's sword (= Garik's sword): It_GarikSword
    Soma'a armor (= Nordmarian armor): It_Armor_Faring
    Hildur's Necklace: ep_Ulrich_Ardea_Necklace
    Spell of truth: It_SpellGP_Truth
    Magic Ore (Cape Dun): ep_It_magic_ore
    Undigested Fire Nettle: It_Plant_UndigestedFireNettle

    Other Items
    This codes work with the commands "spawn" and "give".

    Artefact from Sindris: ep_Werner_Ardea_Necklace
    Artefact of the Shaman: Shaman_Artifact
    Dylan's Amulet: It_Amulet_Eberhard
    Eberhard's Amulet: ep_Urbanus_Artifact_Amulet (also: ep_Urbanus_Artifact)
    Eye of Innos: Eyes_of_Inos
    Garik's Amulet: It_Amulet_Garik
    Ogit's Amulet: ep_Ogit_artifact

    Battlemage-Armor: GFG_Battlemage_Armor_01
    Dark Summoner: Body_Dark_summoner (also: Dark_summoner)
    Druid Robe with Deer-Head: Body_Druid_Deer
    Druid Robe with Wolf-Head: Body_Druid_Wolf
    Elite Spy-Armor: Body_EliteSpy
    Powerful Armor: Body_End_Game_Armor (also: GFG_End_Game_Armor_01)
    Nordmarian-Armor: It_Armor_Faring
    Officer's Armor: GFG_Lieutenant_Armor_01
    Praetor Armor (no name): GFG_Praetor_Armor_01
    Rhobars Armor (not equipable): ep_It_Armor_Rhobar
    all armors to inventar: Cat_Armor (only with command "give")


    With fixed content
    Chest: Hero_StartGame
    Chest (beneath the new temple in Trelis): Special_UChest_Cave_17
    Chest (cave between Montera and Cape Dun): Special_UChest_Cave_12
    Chest (cave of the Summoner): Special_LChest_Cave_03
    Chest (cave of the Blemished): Special_LChest_Cave_04
    Chest (cave with Troglodytes): Special_UChest_Cave_08
    Chest (former wolf's cave near Montera): Special_UChest_Cave_10
    Chest (Minecrawler's cave in Trelis): Special_UChest_Cave_18
    Chest (Nemora): Special_UChest_Cave_14
    Chest (teleport cave in Faring): Special_UChest_Cave_01
    Chest of the Summoner: Summoners_Chest
    Chest with Garik's Bow: Garik_Bow_Chest
    Garik's Chest: Garik_Chest
    Hashishin's Chest: ep_Hashishin_merchant_chest
    Kazus' Chest: ep_Kazus_Chest
    Orontius' Chest: Kan_prisoner_chest
    Rollan's Chest: Mage_Chest
    Theo's Chest: Trelis_Orc_Chest
    Ulva's Chest: MouringLady_Chest

    Armor Chests
    Chest at the stone circle near Ardea/Vengard: Hero_Special_Chest_01
    Chests at the Goblins near Ardea/Vengard: Hero_Special_Chest_02
    Chest in Gotha near Gorn: Hero_Special_Chest_04
    Chest in the tower of Vengard: King_Armor_Chest
    Chest next to Robart's throne: Hero_Special_Chest_03

    Chest: It_Blackmage_Chest
    Chest (with the teleport stone of Geldern): Geldern_Chest_TeleportStone
    Chest (with the teleport stone from Vengard): Vangard_Chest_TeleportStone
    Chest: Kap_Dun_Chest_TeleportStone
    Chest: Montera_Chest_TeleportStone
    Chest: Test_Chest_01

    Letter to Gorn: It_LetterToGorn_01
    Letter to Gorn: It_LetterToGorn_02
    Cave Map: It_MAP_Caves
    Map of the Summoner: It_MAP_Summoner
    Recommendation Letter: It_RecommendationLetter
    Recommendation Letter: It_RecommendationLetter_From_Anog
    Recommendation Letter: It_RecommendationLetter_Barnabas
    World Map: It_MAP_World

    Bread: ep_It_Bread
    Raw Meat: ep_It_Meat_Raw

    Demon Helmet (invisible): GFG_Demonic_Helmet_01
    Armored Leather Helmet: GFG_Plated_Leather_Helmet_01
    Armored Great Helmet: GFG_Full_Plate_Helm_01
    Crown: GFG_Steel_Crown_01
    King's Crown: GFG_King's_Crown_01
    Nordmarian Warrior Helmet: GFG_Nordmarian_Warrior_Helmet_01
    Nordmarian Armored Helmet: GFG_Nordmarian_Officer_Helmet_01
    Black Steel Helmet: GFG_Black_Steel_Helmet_01
    Mask of Death: GFG_Mask_of_Death_01

    Errol's Chest Key: It_Key_Hero_chest
    Fattu's Key: It_Key_Fattu
    Garik's Key: It_Key_Garick_Bow
    Garik's Key: It_Key_Garick
    Morgan's Key: It_Key_Mage_03
    Orontius' Key: It_Key_kan_prisoner
    Rolland's Key: It_Key_Mage_01
    Tavin's Key: It_Key_Mage_02
    Theo's Key: It_Key_Trelis_Orc
    Ulva's Key: It_Key_MourningLady

    Nordmarian Nogginfog: It_Booze_Nrd_ep
    Black Rhobar: It_Booze_Nrd
    Teleport to the temple of Vengard (no name): It_Teleport_VangardTemple

    Swamp Weed: ep_Plant_SwampWeed
    Troglodyte's undigested Fire Nettles: It_Plant_UndigestedFireNettle_Troglodyte
    Undigested Fire Nettles: It_Plant_UndigestedFireNettle

    Health Potion: ep_Potion_Health
    Powerfull Potion: ep_Potion_Egidius

    Cornelius' Recipe: ep_Recipe_Cornelius

    Amnesia: It_SpellGP_Charm

    Dragonbane: GFG_Dragonbane_Shield_01
    Chieftain-Roundshield: GFG_Chieftains_Round_Shield_01
    Praetor Shield (no name): GFG_Praetor_Shield_01
    Nordmarian Towershield: GFG_Nordmarian_Tower_Shield_01
    Orkish Towershield: GFG_Orkish_Tower_Shield_01
    Snakecharmer: GFG_SnakeCharmer_Shield_01
    Dreamcatcher: GFG_Dreamcatcher_Shield_01
    Reinforced Roundshield: GFG_Reinforced_Round_Shield_01
    Ornated Towershield: GFG_Emblished_Tower_Shield_01
    Gnawstopper: GFG_Gnawstopper_Shield_01


    One handed

    Old Sword: GFG_Weapons_1H_Swords_03
    Austin's Sword: It_AustinSword
    Straight Scimitar: GFG_Straight_Scimitar_01
    Ice Heart: GFG_Heart_of_Colt_01
    Heart Ripper: GFG_Weapons_1H_Swords_05
    Rider's Sword: GFG_Weapons_1H_Swords_01
    Soldier's Sword: GFG_Weapons_1H_Swords_04

    Two handed
    Bardiche: GFG_Weapons_Axes_01
    Miner's Pride: GFG_Miner`s_Pride_01
    Double Decker: GFG_Double_Decker_01
    Egill's Axe: GFG_Weapons_Clubs_02
    Cleaver: GFG_Weapons_Axes_02
    Halderan: GFG_Halderam_01
    Sky Prospector: GFG_Weapons_Clubs_03
    Ogre Morningstar (no name): GFG_Weapons_Clubs_Ogre
    Troglodyte Weapon (no name): GFG_Troglodyte_Weapons_Clubs_01
    Maxilla Cracker: GFG_Weapons_Clubs_01
    Krush Agash: Krush_Agash
    Krush Pach: Krush_Pach
    Krush Cracker: GFG_Weapons_Axes_03
    Krush Vorok: Krush_Vorok
    Morningstar: GFG_Weapons_Clubs_05
    Armor Cracker (becomes a Skull Cracker in inventory): GFG_Weapons_2H_Swords_06
    Skull Cracker: GFG_Weapons_2H_Swords_02
    Executioner Axe: GFG_Weapons_Axes_05
    Sharper: GFG_Weapons_Axes_04
    Havoc: GFG_Havoc_01
    Stitch: GFG_Weapons_Clubs_04

    Iron Spear: GFG_Weapons_Spears_01
    Gurad: GFG_Weapons_Spears_02
    Havoc Cracker: GFG_Weapons_Spears_03
    Guard II: GFG_Weapons_Spears_04
    Moon Stitch: GFG_Weapons_Spears_05
    Night Spear: GFG_Weapons_Spears_06
    Thunder Lance: GFG_Weapons_Spears_07
    Vigr's Spear: GFG_Weapons_Spears_08
    Palla's Spear: GFG_Weapons_Spears_09

    This codes work with the commands "spawn" and "goto".

    Anog: ep_Anog
    Anton: Anton
    Arthur: Moritz
    Asdis: Tobias
    Barnabas: Barnabas
    Benat: KapDun_ArenaElite
    Betsy: Harem_Suspect02
    Blackmage in Trelis: Blackmage
    Boris: Boris
    Bran: Lorenz
    Brennus: Geldern_ArenaWarrior
    Cloris: Harem_Suspect01
    Clovis: Clovis
    Conz: Conz
    Cornelius: Cornelius
    Corrado: Ardea_Hunk
    Cort: ArenaElite
    Crazy Birdman: Crazy_Birdman
    Derex: Geldern_ArenaGuy
    Drud: Trelis_ArenaElite
    Druid: Geldern_Teacher_Druid
    Dylan: Eberhard
    Egidius: Egidius
    Ekhard: Ardea_Prankster_01
    Erhag: Erhag
    Errol: GateKeeper
    Evert: Trelis_ElderSon
    Father: GeldernFamily_Father
    Floy: Faring_Escort_01
    Gabriel: Gabriel
    Garan: Trelis_Orc_Boss_01
    Garey: KapDun_ArenaWarrior
    Garik: Garik
    Garik's Apprentice: GothaArena_Novice1
    Garik's Apprentice: GothaArena_Novice2
    Garik's Apprentice: GothaArena_Novice3
    Garik's Apprentice: GothaArena_Novice4
    Garik's Apprentice: GothaArena_Novice5
    Geoff: Trelis_Father
    Gerrell: Faring_Merchant_01
    Gilbert: Montera_OrcWarrior_Moritz
    Girl02: Faring_Escort_02
    Gorn: Gorn
    Griswald: Silden_ArenaNovice
    Gothard: Gothard
    Gus: KapDun_ArenaNovice
    Gustav: Ardea_Royal_Guard_01
    Hamlar: Hamlar (also: ep_Hamlar)
    Hanz: Vangard_Paladin_General_01
    Harman: Trelis_ArenaNovice
    Hubertus: Hubertus
    Hubertus' Wife: Hubertus_wife
    Hunfried: Trelis_YoungerSon
    Ian: Lothar
    Ignatius: Ignatius
    Immanuel: Vangard_Fire_Mage_02
    Inog: ep_Inog
    Isabelle: Antons_wife
    Jacob: Jacob
    Jenell: Harem_Suspect03
    Jurgen: Silden_Shepherd_01
    Kan: Kan
    Kazus: Kazus
    Kendl: Dirk
    Khadim: Khadim
    Khadim's first Guard: Khadim_Guard01
    Khadim's second Guard: Khadim_Guard02
    Khaif: Khaif
    Khalif: Khalif
    Khalil: Khalil
    Krush Agash Master: Reddock_Hodd
    Krush Varok Master: Reddock_Rark
    Kunz: Kunz
    Lazarus: Lazarus
    Leader of the Miners: GeldernFamily_Miner_01
    Lee: Lee
    Lewis: Trelis_ArenaWarrior
    Marc: Marc
    Martel: KapDun_Hunter_01
    Meryl: Meryl
    Milten: Milten
    Morgan: Faring_Mage
    Mystic Wanderer: Mystic_wanderer
    Nicholas: Nicholas
    Nisin: Nisin
    Ngaio: Silden_ArenaElite
    Obert: Silden_ArenaGuy
    Oelk: Oswald
    Ogit: Ogit
    Olis: Ardea_Orc_Boss_02
    Omert: Montera_General_Moritz
    Orc of the Shaman (pass to Montera): ShamanOrc1
    Orcs (Trader-Quest): HamlarOrc1 (also: ep_HamlarOrc1)
    Orcs (Trader-Quest): HamlarOrc2 (also: ep_HamlarOrc2)
    Orcs (Trader-Quest): HamlarOrc3 (also: ep_HamlarOrc3)
    Orcs (Trader-Quest): HamlarOrc4 (also: ep_HamlarOrc4)
    Orcs (Trader-Quest): HamlarOrc5 (also: ep_HamlarOrc5)
    Orcs (Trader-Quest): HamlarOrc6 (also: ep_HamlarOrc6)
    Orcs (Trader-Quest): HamlarOrc7 (also: ep_HamlarOrc7)
    Orcs (Trader-Quest): HamlarOrc8 (also: ep_HamlarOrc8)
    Oronitus: Kan_prisoner
    Oronitus' Wife: Kan_prisoner_wife
    Osch: Hector
    Raik: Gunther
    Ritt: Silden_ArenaWarrior
    Rosswald: Ardea_HUsband_01
    Rudolph: Rudolph
    Segfried: Segfried
    Severin: Severin
    Shaman (Montera): Orc_Shaman_Boss
    Silvester: Silvester
    Solviq: Ardea_Women_01
    Soma: Fritz
    Steiner: Trelis_ArenaGuy
    Tabor: KapDun_ArenaGuy
    Tahbert: Silden_Shepherd_02
    Tahbert's cow: Silden_Cow
    Tavin: ep_Gotha_Mage
    Theo: Trelis_FattuOrc
    Theodor: Theodor
    Thief (near Faring): Faring_Thief_01
    Thorus: Thorus
    Tila: Faring_Housewife_03
    Trader (Alchemy laboratory): Geldern_Trader_01
    Trader (Rebells): RebTrader_01
    Trader (Rebells): RebTrader_02
    Trader (Rebells): RebTrader_04
    Trader (Rebells): RebTrader_05
    Udolf: Montera_BlackSmith_01
    Ugly Leader: Ugly_leader
    Ugly Stock (Final Boss): Boss
    Ulva: ep_MourningLady
    Urbanus: Urbanus
    Vaingard: Vaingard
    Viet: Viet
    Watermage (Okara): Reddock_Watermage_01
    Yohann: Geldern_ArenaNovice

    This codes work with the commands "spawn" and "goto".

    Alligator: Alligator_new
    Awaked Zombie: Gotha_SlaveZombie_01
    Beast: Beast_of_Beliar (only with command "spawn")
    Boss: Boss
    Crazy Bison (no name): Crazy_Bison_01
    Crazy Bison (no name): Crazy_Bison_02
    Crazy Bison (no name): Crazy_Bison_03
    Crazy Bison (no name): Crazy_Bison_04
    Crazy Bison (no name): Crazy_Bison_05
    Crazy Bison (no name): Crazy_Bison_06
    Fire Waran (no name): Mage_FireWaran
    Mummy (no name): Faring_Mummy_01
    Mummy (no name): Faring_Mummy_02
    Mummy (no name): Faring_Mummy_03
    Ogre: Troglodyte (also: ep_Troglodyte)
    Ogre: WellFed_Troglodyte (also: ep_WellFed_Troglodyte) (only with command "spawn")
    Shadowbeast: MASTERShadowbeast
    Tahbert's Cow: Silden_Cow
    Troglodyte (no name): Egidius_Troglodyte
    Troglodyte (no name): Faring_Troglodyte1 (only with command "spawn")
    Troglodyte: Faring_Troglodyte2
    Troglodyte (no name): Faring_Troglodyte_01 (only with command "spawn")
    Troglodyte (no name): Faring_Troglodyte_02 (only with command "spawn")
    Troglodyte: EndGameFight_Troglodyte1
    Troglodyte: EndGameFight_Troglodyte2
    Troglodyte: EndGameFight_Troglodyte3
    Troglodyte: EndGameFight_Troglodyte4
    Troglodyte: EndGameFight_Troglodyte5
    Troglodyte: EndGameFight_Troglodyte6
    Troglodyte: EndGameFight_Troglodyte7
    Troglodyte: EndGameFight_Troglodyte8
    Troglodyte: EndGameFight_Troglodyte9
    Troll: Faring_Troll_Khaif
    Troll: Faring_Troll_02
    Troll: MASTERTroll
    Waran: MASTERWaran
    Well Fed Scavenger: Wellfed_Scavenger
    Wolf: ep_Wolf

    This codes work with the command "goto".

    Bandit's cave near Trelis: BanditDeliveryPoint
    Arena from Gotha: Gotha_Arena
    Arena from Trelis: Trelis_Arena
    Okara (Watermage): Spawnpoint_orc_01
    Okara (Watermage): Spawnpoint_orc_02
    Orc attack carawan: HamlerOrcAttackPoint1
    Reddock (final boss): EndGameFight_Wave1
    Silden (rack): MerchantDeliveryPoint
    Vengard (tower): report_StandPoint
    Trelis (new temple): Jail_StandPoint
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    Bookstands and Stone Tablets for Attributes

    This is a list with the Bookstands and locations of Stone Tablets.
    German original
    1 Bookstand near Anog: +5 Ancient Knowledge
    1 Bookstand in Kunz' hut: +5 Alchemy
    2 Bookstands near Inog: 2x +5 Ancient Knowledge
    1 Stone Tablet in the cave north of Geldern (Minecrawler cave in Gothic 3 classic): +10 Ancient Knowledge
    1 Bookstand near the trader at the gate to Trelis: +5 Alchemy
    2 Bookstands in Hamlar's hut: 2x +5 Alchemy
    1 Bookstand near Inog: +5 Alchemy
    2 Bookstands in the room next to Inog: 2x +5 Alchemy
    1 Bookstand inside the Black Mage's cave: +5 Ancient Knowledge
    1 Bookstand in the Black Mage's house: +5 Ancient Knowledge
    2 Bookstands inside the Black Mage's cave: 2x +5 Alchemy
    1 Bookstand in the Black Mage's house: +5 Alchemy
    1 Bookstand in the prison of Trelis (beneath the new temple): +5 Alchemy
    1 Bookstand inside the Black Mage's cave: +5 Smithing
    Cape Dun
    1 Bookstand in the house back to the tent: +5 Ancient Knowledge
    1 Bookstand near the Alchemist: +5 Alchemy
    1 Bookstand in the depository: +5 Ancient Knowledge
    1 Bookstand inside the Alchemy laboratory: +5 Alchemy
    1 Bookstand above the throne room (acces via castle wall): +5 Ancient Knowledge
    1 Bookstand above the throne room (acces via castle wall): +5 Alchemy
    1 Bookstand above the throne room: +5 Alchemy
    1 Bookstand near to one of the Alchemists: +5 Alchemy
    1 Bookstand in a house in the inner castle: +5 Ancient Knowledge
    1 Bookstand in the library inside the tower in the inner castle: +5 Ancient Knowledge
    2 Bookstands inside the Alchemy laboratory in the inner castle: 2x +5 Alchemy
    1 Bookstand in the library inside the tower in the inner castle: +5 Alchemy
    1 Bookstand near Gorn: +5 Ancient Knowledge
    1 Bookstand inside the Alchemy laboratory in Gorn's house: +5 Alchemy
    2 Stone Tablets near the Watermage: 2x +5 Ancient Knowledge
    3Bookstands near the Watermage: 3x +5 Alchemy
    1 Bookstand in the cave with the Alchemy desk: +5 Alchemy
    1 Bookstand in the first cave way down: +5 Alchemy
    1 Bookstand in the cave with the Alchemy desk: +5 Alchemy

    +75 Ancient Knowledge
    +130 Alchemy
    +5 Smithing
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    Teleport Stones
    This list shows the locations of the teleport stones in Forsaken Gods.


    • In Conz' hut, which is near the western gate
    • In the beams of the lighthouse

    Cape Dun

    • In the warehouse


    • In the collapsed mine underneath the castle


    • In the room above the throne room in Vengard
    • At a rock near the south gate of Geldern (near Boris)


    • In the tower in front of the town
    • In the forge


    • - no teleport stone available - (with Enhanced Edition it is located in Sanford's old warehouse)


    • In a chest near the entrance in the north


    • On a rock left to the entrance


    • In a chest in a cave with golems


    • At the stone circle


    • In the cave underneath the orc temple (with Enhanced Edition - in the former treasury room of Trelis)


    • In the cave in Gotha (with Enhanced Edition - the stone is at the top of Vengard's castle tower, in a chest)
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    Pictured list of all armors

    Name with screen Protection
    against missile
    against impact
    against blades
    against energy
    against ice
    against fire
    Value Location
    Battlemage armor 40 50 50 6250 Immanuel in Vengard
    Ceremonial armor 40 80 80 37500 Inventory of some paladins (while saving Olis)
    Dark summoner 40 80 80 42000 Inventory of the Summoner
    Deer robe 40 45 45 20 20 20 12500 Orc Shaman in Trelis
    Druid robe
    Elite hashishin armor
    Farmer's clothes 10 10 112 Trader in Silden, Egidus in Vengard
    Fire robe 20 45 45 15 30 30 13750 Immanuel in Vengard
    Hashishin armor
    Heavy nomad clothes
    Heavy nordmarian armor 60 80 80 60 30000 Trader in Faring
    Heavy orc mercenary armor 40 70 70 17500 Merchant in Montera
    Heavy rebel armor 35 65 65 15000 Egidus in Vengard
    Leather garb 10 15 15 375 Trader in Silden, Egidus in Vengard
    Lieutenant's armor 65 85 85 45 22500 Egidus in Vengard
    Light hashishin armor 15 20 20 1800 Trader in Geldern
    Light nomad clothes
    Light nordmarian armor 22 42 42 30 6250 Egidus in Vengard
    Light orc mercenary armor 25 25 30 1250 Merchant in Montera
    Light rebel armor 15 15 25 750 Trader in Silden, Egidus in Vengard
    Mystical armor 120 145 145 40 40000 After succeding the Mystic wanderer quest
    Noble armor 75 95 95 35000 chest at the stone circle between Ardea and Vengard
    Nomad clothes
    Nordmarian armor 30 60 60 45 19200 chest near Gorn in Gotha
    Orc mercenary armor 40 50 50 6250 Merchant in Montera
    Paladin armor 150 150 150 47500 chest left to the throne in Vengrad
    Praetors armor 90 110 110 37500 Trader in Faring
    Ranger's clothes 30 35 35 6250 Trader in Geldern
    Rebel armor 40 40 40 5000 Trader in Gotha, Egidus in Vengard
    Rhobar's armor 40 80 80 42000 chest of the Summoner in the cave near Rolland, chest at the tower of Vengard
    Water robe 40 45 45 30 30 15 16250 Immanuel in Vengard
    Wolf robe 40 45 45 20 20 20 12500 Trader in Geldern
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