first bug is in old camp with bloodwyn repeating the dialog about the ore over and over again.
the second one is in the troll canyon in chapter 3 when you and diego killing the troll so we did, now when i turn the winch or switch the animation stuck there with like the hero "turning" the wheel over and over again you can't move or do ANYTHING else it still respawns goblins. the solution i found is i wen't to the brotherhood/swamp camp bought "controll" spell used it on diego before using the switch i still stucked there but diego beat me up so it was the only way to release me from the buged switch.
and third: gorn still attacks you in the free mine, i used magic when i tryed to shoot fireballs on the gomez guards gorn become pissed and suddenly attacked me, however he says"now we can forget about our aurgent" does not loot your ore of kills you.