Hello All,

I've got several updates for you today. Enjoy!

The Heights of Power:

Well, it's been a long time, but I've decided. Heights of Power will be getting a sequel, HoP 2.0. I'm calling it 2.0 because it's making a clean break from the former mod, and starting anew.

Monster Toughness, XP Bonuses, and other gameplay rules have been altered to reflect more of the Alternative Balancing add-on for the ICP v1.0a, the path of the Water Mage is now made slightly more complex, and the graphics will be improved as it will feature Colmar's enhanced graphics.

HoP 2.0 is de facto ready atm (a working build has been created), but we need some time to test it before it's shipped out to you good folks. Expect more in the next couple of weeks, perhaps sooner!

Gothic 1 Unofficial Patch:

Our Gothic 1 Patch is well on the way to the finish line! As a matter of fact, the 3rd Release Candidate is here, which fixes some of the final outstanding issues. We're waiting for your feedback, and then we'll make an official release.

After that, the scripts will be released. I'm sifting through the code right now, and trying to comment my changes, so you can see what's I've added/modified and where. I can't promise that we will keep supporting the patch after this version, but I can promise that you will have the means to add and/or fix anything you want after the 1.0 release.

Gothic 2 Unofficial Patch:

We've also released the 1.0b Hotfix for those who had issues with buggy Orc Elite AI. I'd like to personally apologize for making you wait so long for that, but I've had a rather busy RL these past several months, so writing and maintaining much of that code was not possible for me. Like aforementioned G1 Patch, an official release is coming very soon.

So to cap it off, you should expect a release of all 3 products before April is up. Then it's back to work on whatever it is we're doing next. Thanks for tuning in, and we hope to have more for you soon!