Hello Again,

This month, we resumed work on our Gothic 1 patch. Our 3rd Release Candidate is now ready for public consumption. Please play away. If there are no complaints or additional things we have missed, then we will prepare an official release, which will include the scripts of the patch.

Thanks for sticking with us, and please do report if you have any issues!



(changelog below, download attached):

- Silas will permanently trade with the player.
- “The Weed Mixer” quest can now be completed even if the player kills Jacko and/or his cohorts.
- It is no longer possible to have Mordrag escort you to the New Camp if you forcibly threw him out of the Old Camp.
- Bloodwyn & Jackal will not harass you for protection money after Chapter 2.
- "The Weed Delivery" quest no longer remains open after delivering the Ore to Cor Kalom, also does not close "The Weed Mixer Quest".
- It is no longer possible to bribe Thorus after you obtain an audience with Gomez through Diego.
- NPCs will not get up instantly after being knocked unconscious.

0.92 (RC2)
- Buster no longer teaches Acrobatics after the skill is gained.
- In the "New Souls for the Brotherhood" quest, it is no longer possible to reload the game and continue bribing the guard.
- Bloodwyn will not harass you for tribute if you become a Guard or Magician of Fire.
- Troll Wheel no longer spawns infinite Goblins.

0.9.1 (RC1)

- Gorn should no longer attack the player while in the Free Mine.
- Gates do not become stuck after they have been fixed or set to be opened.
- If Baal Lukor stops following you, simply engage in conversation with him. He will resume following upon exiting dialogue.
- The game will no longer crash in the Orc Temple due to a “missing sound file”. We have implemented a quick fix, with a more permanent one planned later on.
- Camera values have been improved.
- FOV on Widescreen monitors should see an improvement.