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    i just want to share one way how to increase movement speed permanently ^^
    i did this now twice & i forgot about again and have to figure it out again xD
    To prevent this to happen again i create this post, so we´ll be all wining

    Furthermore i haven´t found another post explaining "How to"
    & i thought why not, maybe it helps somebody ^^

    EDIT: It would be the best idea to start a new game & doing the steps afterwards you can switch back to your save..
    (I assume everything will be saved (World SaveLayer) at a new playthrough. So if u click on new game you´ll be entering at the point it was saved)

    1. Get the ScriptExtensions.dll and put it into your "Risen\bin\scripts" (look at the Description: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BqabRKHc2DU&t=200s)
    2. Get the mountlist_packed.ini and put it into your "Risen\bin" (look at the video, too)
    3. Remove the Read-only from your Risen folder

    I don´t know if the next two steps are necessary (any testers are welcome)
    // 4. Get Risenaut & run as admin (look link)
    // 5. Extract projects.pak and projects.p01..p02 ... (Remove Read-Only)

    6. In-Game open the console CTRL + ALT + NUM 0 (You can complete commands by pressing TAB)
    7. Edit PC_Hero --> PropertySets --> CharacterMovement --> Set the ForwardSpeed for example to 600
    ( i don´t know if it´s necessary but Press ENTER to confirm the value)

    8. DynEntity GetGuid PC_Hero (Saves the GUID of PC_Hero in variable #r1)
    9. DynEntity GetLayer #r1 (Saves the Layer "_Intern" in #r1)
    10. World SaveLayer #r1 (Saves the changes permanently)

    "World SaveLayer _Intern" Hadn´t worked for me

    If there´s a mistake, post it & i will edit ^^

    Kind regards
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