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    Dear friends, do you like getting Christmas gifts? How about a Steam key for Exoplanet: First Contact to play it yourself? There are three keys in total for users to grab.

    However, the protagonist of Exoplanet - Jack Sharp - is a “bad Santa”, and won’t give out these keys for free. Before you can get one of these, you have to do something for him.
    The developers are going to add an interesting NPC to the game - an aborigine child. This lively little guy wants to become friends with Jack, but sometimes he can be a bit tiresome, as only children can.

    Do you remember good ol’ Mud from Gothic 1? Our little rascal has a long way to go to reach Mud’s level of annoyance he generates, but still can drive the hero crazy with his constant chattering. Thе kid has his own original native name but it’s hard to pronounce for humans.
    Here is a picture of the child:
    Spoiler:(zum lesen bitte Text markieren)

    Help Jack Sharp to find a suitable nickname for this amazing brat. The name should be short and funny.
    Just post your suggestion here in the thread

    The developers will choose the best three names, and their authors will receive the Steam keys for the game.

    One of them will be officially assigned to the abori child character.

    The winners will be announced on 07.01.2020!

    Good luck
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    Unfortunately there were no entries submitted in English section of the forum so far. Thus the keys will be distributed among the participants of the contest in German and Russian forums.

    We hope that our English speaking friends will participate in other contests that we will run in 2020.

    The winners of the "Name the abori kid " contest are:

    Bug-Hunter (Баг) - Red_Dwarft
    Shorty oder "Kurzer" (Коротышка) - Trailerpark
    Zam (Зам-Зам) - MaGoth
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