Despite the fact that Arcania itself is too boring for me, I liked the geography of the southern islands somewhat. And I'm not talking about a very linear world right now. In fact, not one of the islands is not a corridor. This is an artificial limitation of the world. However, sechas is not about that. No one wondered why the southern islands consist of 2 islands? Of course, many people know that there are 2 more islands, but not all of them know that these islands are in the lore of Arcania. In particular, these are the islands of Torgaan, and Korshaan. Korshaan was mentioned in Tooshoo on one of the shields, as well as in The Fall of Setarrif. From there came the Amazons. But Torgaan was not mentioned in the game itself. His mention was in the stories that went along with the game. This island consists of a jungle. Apparently there was a city and several large settlements. From there came all the swarthy inhabitants of the southern islands. I conducted a small investigation, and found how roughly these islands should have looked (without buildings). And yet, how did I find out how these islands looked? Once I stumbled upon a Russian forum where they discussed content prohibited for publication on Arcania. I don’t know, maybe then it was already not prohibited content. I recognized the shape of Korshaan as odd. I also knew that the korshaan mesh became part of the Tooshoo swamps. I took the relief old map of Argaan, and made the islands of Korshaan out of it. It was not so simple with Torgaan. Torgaan also became part of the island of Argaan, but unlike Korshaan, in the end it was completely removed. But on the same relief map, the jungle was clearly larger than in the original. I took the final map of Argaan, and compared. So the form of Torgaan was found. As a result, I got these maps. Of course, the quality is not excellent, but as for me it is not bad at all. Unfortunately, there is no information about the cities on them.
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