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The cinema year 2012

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    Hello everyone,,

    What do you think about the movie year 2012? I think that this year, many movies appear to interest me - in recent years, the movie program was in my view rather mau ...

    Originally "only" a prequel for the Alien series. But the movie seems to be much more than just that. That's why I'm looking forward not only to learn more about the aliens, but also to me from the opulent look and the interesting story the movie should have (there are probably already Spoiler, which I have not read yet, but those of you who read it are quite positively received) ...
    Iron Sky:
    I've been following the project for years. I find the idea funny and the implementation is bombastic, especially for the quality of the effects, for a kind of sponsored films. The film has the potential to become a new Starship Troopers: Somewhere trash with a rather stupid basic idea, but simply entertaining with many unique and "memorable" scenes and of course a certain sense of humor (especially the Sarah Palin Verarsche I like ) ...

    The Expendables 2:
    The first part was not a revelation, but solid popcorn cinema, where you did not have to constantly head for the stupidity of what you got there (I'm counting the Transformers movies, for example). Therefore, I promise myself from Part 2 down-to-earth action. Maybe Arnold gets a " Get to da choppa! " Out of it ...

    Ice Age 4:
    Maybe like Shrek, it may be a bit overblown, but maybe the makers have some good ideas. I will wait there for the first reviews and if the film is not totally torn, surely also go in ...

    Maximum Security:
    Here I am not sure if I'll look at it and so it will probably depend on Ice Age 4 on the reviews. In a way, however, I see potential for a Die Slow in "in space" ...

    The Hobbit:
    Do I have to say something?
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    I totally agree with you. I saw 18 films from the 2012 cinema year.
    Most of them were average, I didn't see much more, because I didn't see much that was interesting.

    Among them were three films that I found really strong.
    These were:
    The Hunt
    Django Unchained

    Then there were a few I also found worth seeing:
    Silver Linings
    More Than Honey
    The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

    Then there are many mediocre films like:
    The Dark Knight Rises
    Hotel Transylvania
    21 Jump Street
    Paradise: Love
    Cloud Atlas
    Iron Sky
    Asterix & Obelix: God Save Britannia

    Of course, garbage as well:
    The Dictator
    The Wall
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