It's good to be back playing Gothic again. What a wonderful game it is.

In the early game, there's a place on the Old Camp side of the bank of the river, opposite the island, just before you come to the corner of the Old Camp fence - sorry, am not sure of North, South etc. Anyway, here there are two scavengers and about 5 lizards and the latter are hard to get at singly. On this playthrough I finally worked it out: the lizards are set up so that every now and then one of them swims across the river to the island. There it's easy to take him out. Wait around a bit and another one will swim across ... rinse and repeat until only two are left with the scavengers, then it's easy to get them.

Just thought I'd mention this as I always find during the early game that there comes a time when you can zap scavengers, mole rats and bloodflies fairly easily, but you are still not strong enough to handle wolves and lizards. During this time it's good to be able to zap the little group I mentioned above for some nice xp.