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Nickname change

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    I wanna change my nickname.
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    Look at the first thread here

    Write it like this:

    My old name: Glaca

    My new name: "whatever you want"
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    Sorry I wrote to one of admins and i wanted to delete this thread. My new nickname is "Whitie".
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    In case this didn't work, you need to post in this thread. Your message needs to look like the following (just copy&paste it):

    I request a name change.

    My old nick was: Glaca
    My new nick is supposed to be: [your desired nickname]

    I never participated in the World of Gothic-Roleplay respectively agreed upon registration to never change my nick again.


    Unfortunately, you can't choose "Whitie" as your new nickname because there already is a user called Whitie whose last activity isn't too far in the past (02.12.2018). So you'll have to choose another name for yourself! But if you use the layout above in the linked topic, you'll get your name change.
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