Is there any way to permanently increase the walking speed of the character in Risen 2 Dark Waters (PC version)? It was possible in Risen 1 via "edit PC_Hero", however I'm not quite sure how it works in Risen 2. The internet doesn't provide a clue on what to do about this issue. Even the command line "get It_Po_Speed" doesn't work.

I've tried the following way, and it didn't work out:
  • Enter into test mode via 'pommes'
  • open the console via pressing ^
  • the command line "edit PC_Hero" takes me to the 'Property Editor'
  • double-click on 'PropertySets'
  • scroll down in the list and click twice on 'CharacterMovement2'
  • There are three items in 'CharacterMovement2': MovementSpecies (Human), OverwriteGoalScript and ArmorEffectMaterial. The last two entries are empty, while the first entry (MovementSpecies) is set to HUMAN.
  • change the settings in MovementSpecies to something else.

I take it that 'MovementSpecies' is where one can change the movement speed of the character, possibly make the character walk faster? If yes, which setting other than "Human" can I place in there? I entered different MovementSpecies Types (e.g. Beast, BigBeast, Insect, BigInsect) as found here, however each entry apart from "Human" crashes the game with this error message: "EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION. The application has terminated abnormally. The thread attempts to read from or write to a virtual address for which it does not have acces".

Any tipps, hints, advice on what to do in order to make this awfully slow character in Risen 2 walk faster or sprint (other than holding down "CAPS LOCK", using fast-travel, jumping, perma-drawing weapon while walking, or some other non-permanent method) will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.