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    Sep 2018
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    best mods for gothic 1

    hi i want to play gothic 1 again after a lot of years

    can you tell me which are the best graphics mods and gameplay mods for gothic 1?

    i want gothic 1 to be beautifull and also i want the gameplay to be different

    so can you help me please??

    also i have the version 1.8

    i have the gog version from gothic 1

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    May 2017
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    Check this Gameplay Mod out.

    It's a big Mod. for Gothic 1 and also in English language.

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    May 2016
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    Additional you could use the Gothic 1 renderer for a better graphic.

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    Jan 2008
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    I'm currently playing Gothic 1 with

    • Systempack
    • D3D11 Renderer
    • Gothic 1 Classic Texture Mix
    • Gothic 1 3D + Mesh-Patch
    • Gothic Meshup Project

    and the mod "Welt der Verurteilten" which extends the gameplay with new quests, features and balancing. I guess this mod will turn the ingame language to german and i'm not sure if one of the texture patches will do that too. Just try it.

    For installation i'm using the Mod-Manager Spine with which you can easily download and combine mods and texture patches.

    Some screenshots:


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