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On the way to the Eastern Temple, I went to clear the gnomes out of the abandoned wooden house with the wooden watch tower near it. There are three 'groups' - 1. the ones near the road, 2. the chieftain plus gnome more or less between the house and the cliff, and 3. the loose group over towards the watch tower.

I was quite low on HP after the trip to the
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Eastern Temple,
and took a few knocks from Group 1. I didn't want to waste a potion in order to deal with these pests. But while doing a quick quiet recce, I found a handily placed water barrel at the back corner of the house as you face group 2. The
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spotted me there and charged: with almost my last breath, I flattened him. His buddy was throwing rocks but the house took the brunt. Heart in mouth I clicked on the water barrel - and the animation allowed me to keep my position tight against the wall, while drinking. A few sips later, the buddy had to be dealt with and was. Then it was clear sailing, lots of water, HP restored, take out the rest of the pesky little horrors.

I thought it was really cool of PB to make this use of the water barrel possible. Thanks, guys! I love how there's always something new to discover in these games (found the same sort of thing with G1 and G2).