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    Dec 2008
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    New Mod, new CM?...

    Hey guys, I didn't really wanted to open a thread just for this but...i need to know you fill me?
    So i found this guy's video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vTCiwKiy3xM
    its actually really cool its kinda like a Gothic 3 The Movie

    Now my question is, i see that there are A LOT of Arcania armors, helmets, shields and swords. The guy said hes using CM 3.1, QP and so on but I dont recall ever finding those, I need to know which mod has those or you know what I need to install cuz its really cool. Also it has Gothic 2 music . . . :v

    Since im not german google translating threads is kinda hard for answers so pleas englighten me
    If you even try to look the other way...

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    Sep 2016
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    its mod

    It's mod by Squerol. His mod is not released. You will have to ask him privately. I think i have his steam id if you want to contact him.

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    Dec 2016
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    It's not a mod.

    Hello I am the author of the video.
    Yes the new swords, shields and one helmet were made by the polish modder Squerol
    (but as far as i know I don't know if he's planning on inserting those items in his Adrenaline Mod).

    Although I will share the files, here's the link for them, you need to just put the Data Folder inside your Gothic 3 Folder and start a new game.
    If you use these in videos or something else give credits to Squerol.

    While the Setarrifian and Stewark armors and helmets were made by the modder Joey 1990 and I payed him money for his work so I cannot share these ones sorry, ask him directly.

    (The Myrtanian Battle Ship was given to me by the Community Story Project Team).


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