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    So I've just finished ELEX and two things have really surprised me, far exceeding my expectations from a Piranha Bytes game: the quality of the writing and the lore of the world. The main quest took awhile to get going but when it did... wow, the writing really blew me away. This is definitely the best writing from a PB game so far, I think. While some of the dialogue could get a little redundant in places, it was for the most part very well delivered, especially by important characters, and the integration of the lore was fantastic. It really had me guessing right up until the end, and it never answered too many questions at once. And the ending really gave me Fallout 1 vibes (the 'Master'!).

    Also, the way they combined the sci-fi and fantasy elements together was really nice. I was worried it would be very hammy and forced, like the sudden pirate theme of Risen 2 was just really fan-fiction-y, but to my pleasant surprise they really nailed it and wrote it in a way that made a lot of sense. It felt quite natural.

    I'm hoping to hear some other opinions regarding the writing, lore and perhaps even touch on the complexity and depth of quests, and the consequences they bear, as well as the bearing they have on the world, in this thread.
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    And the best is: the English Version wasnt even done by PB

    (The dialogues are a complete rewrite from the German version, not just a direct translation)
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    And the best is: the English Version wasnt even done by PB

    (The dialogues are a complete rewrite from the German version, not just a direct translation)
    Wasn't this the case with the first Risen game?

    I remember that game having a wonderful translation, with clever word-play, puns, and rhyme.
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    I can't remember the fellow's name, but they said they hired the same writer for the English localization that they did for Risen.
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    This is definitely the best writing from a PB game so far, I think.
    Kudos! This is my opinion, too.

    Although I got the feeling that the story is a little bit "jointless". Many little story parts that are not perfectly connected, imho. Not to misunderstand me, I wrote "perfectly". In sum I really enjoyed the story, lightyears above the one from Risen 3, for example.

    But, there's many characters, that are just quest providers. Think of Rock, who's a little bit lost in Fort Tavar, if you helped him. Arva, her little friend, and the seperatists with no connection to the rest of the story (ok, maybe this is Arva's "fate", with all her other friends being killed).

    Think of Trevor and Lucky Sam; I didn't get the "connection" to the Fort, which is spoken about.

    edit: well, seems I missed to meet Amadeus (who is this?)

    Think of the seperatist's story (apart from Sestak). I never got the feeling that they build some kind of faction. This might not have been intended by the writers but for me it was a little bit disappointing (it's ok, that you can't join them, though).

    But overall I'd say this kind of story telling is a good starting point for ELEX 2, imho.

    And for the localization: I think, I'll play the german version one day to see whether it's as good as the english one.

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    I can't speak for the original writing as I can't read its language, but English and Polish translations (not voiceovers) are just horrible. I don't even want to address the supposed differences between the original and translated [rewritten?] context (many topics on various forums touched this subject), but the overall consistency is all over the place.

    Attributes/abilities discrepancies in special dialogue options, mangled descriptions of most "stats" and "perks", zero concrete information in the mentioned descriptions, especially when it's needed the most, randomly capitalized letters, casual punctuation ignoring the established language conventions, no knowledge on how to use ellipsis, illogical dialogue strings/threads in several dozen cases, different names for the same effect(s), text talk descriptions for items... the list goes on and on. It's so downright pathetic they couldn't spend a few extra bills and hire someone with a head attached to their shoulders to play the game a few times (with different approaches and play styles), and wrap up all those little issues that tarnished the final image.

    Damn, if they would contact and give me, like, 250 Euros, I would do that for them.

    Instead, in 2018, with the immensely competitive market, English is the modern Latin, and THQNordic decided to release other, hastily prepared language versions as an afterthought.

    First JoWood, now THQNordic. The latter is publisher for Titan Quest Anniversary and its Ragnarok expansion, and these two titles also have a fair share of lingual and semantic problems, so you know...

    And say what you want, but while Deep Silver was PB's publisher, I never had any objections about the Risen games (neither in English nor Polish). For reals. I never encountered more than a handful of grammar errors or random orthography, or misaligned captions, while with JoWood and THQNordic it's the common occurrence.

    Just take a good look at Gothic/Gothic II/NotR's plus ELEX's general written English conveyances, ridden with typos and mismatched voiceovers/subtitles elements, to see how feeble and impaired they are in comparison to that of any Risen.

    And if I would have any executive power regarding the choice of a publisher, I would contact CDProjekt. Not because I'm a biased Pole, but because they deliver quality and also publish in Europe; almost 100% free of any linguistic errors Gothics' translations speak for themselves. But I worked for long enough in retail to know that capital indeed has nationality.

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    I agree with it - the sentences are quite strange so even non english speakers have problem with it - NPCs repeat the same info several times, the words aren't the best chosen - like the very basic words for a person, who shouldn't be that basic and the opposite, it is voiced by the same voiceactor, so after some time you have the feeling there are only 3 types of people in the wasteland, it doesn't match the background story and variety of quest decisions I love in Elex, all the faction leaders sound very pompous - the clerics for them being superior with technology, the berserks for them being proud warriors, all the same, the outlaws talk too much, which could be good, but it is all of them.
    But maybe the lack of variety of faces/bodies is the main problem. They could have different NPCs - it is not like you could play them - so why limit that to the same prototype?
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