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    The question of Reach with two-handed melee weapons

    I'm playing the early game for the 9th time now, this time because my old computer died. I am following my theory of boosting weapon skill to 34 and then concentrating on strength for a while, to be able to use better weapons.

    So, I'm level 13 with 70 strength, boosted with items to 88. My two-handed skill is 34.

    I have
    Spoiler:(zum lesen bitte Text markieren)
    Ulthar's wand, damage 70, reach 120
    and tried to take out the shadowbeast
    Spoiler:(zum lesen bitte Text markieren)
    near the Lighthouse
    . I could not, died 4 times.
    So I decided to try a weapon with a longer reach. So from my inventory I equipped a rough two-hander, damage 60 reach 130, and attacked again and took the shadowbeast out first try with not too much damage myself.

    I really do believe that for someone like me - someone who does not have the reflexes of a concert pianist, hence is rotten at dodging and parrying, but is able to swing a weapon right and left well and consistently - reach is a very real factor in playing NotR when one is going up against monsters that are maybe right on the edge of possibility at a comparatively low level.

    I know this view is controversial. But I offer this little experiment of mine for what it's worth in case there are others out there who don't have the quickest fingers in the world but who do like the thrill of going toe-to-toe with monsters.
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    There is certainly nothing wrong with your approach. I must know, because it's my approach as well.

    I don't think that's controversial at all. Lots of left and right swinging with a two-handed weapon with long reach is very effective against most enemies. Some monsters are extremely easy to keep at a distance like that, especially minecrawlers. Shadowbeasts are a bit more difficult to deal with, due to their quick attacks. And the fact that they will rip you to shreds if you mess up even once certainly doesn't help to keep your fingers calm and steady.


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