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    Hi guys, recently, i opened a thread for Risen, with discussions about animations "extra" like sit on bench or campfire, drink/eat stand or sit down etc.
    All animations that already exist in game, that NPC does in their routines, but not the Hero.

    Now, in Risen2/3, that funny guys of Piranha, they have eliminated many of these animations: Hero don't eat, Hero don't drink the potion/grog (at the begin, the drink-potion animation was enabled, i remember in old videos of Risen 2 before its release)
    Of course, this choice may like to someone, many players doesn't care about see the Hero eat/drink or it.down or others...

    So, my request to modders: for Risen 2 is available a mod: Interact Mod, if i'm not wrong (i don't remember the name of the modder at the moment, sorry, but many thanks to him, really, much appreciated). This mod enables various animations, five or six.

    I would a mod like this, that enables more animations. All the animations that i would already exist in the game, i don't want new animations.
    So, here's a list:

    -hero can wash his face and neck using the barrels full of water or, alternatively, drink water (enabled for Risen 2 thanks to Interact Mod, but not for Risen 3)
    -hero can sit on bench (this, if i'm not wrong, is possibile in Risen 3 by default, but not for Risen 2)
    -hero can eat a piece of meat (stand up) (NPC does)
    -hero can drink a bottle of grog, or a glass of beer (NPC does)

    I only want those 4-5 animations. It is possible, in the same way that modder create the Interact Mod, to create another similar mod that add more animations in Risen 2, and to create a new Interact Mod for Risen 3? I really hope that someone satisfy this request.
    For me, animations in Piranha Bytes games (and others too), are an important part of gameplay and immersion to their worlds.

    Of course, I also appreciate the use of cheats, if they satisfy my ideas.
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    From what I read during the past years, modding "Risen 2" isn't that easy, as there were no strong mod-tools provided by PB. I think the interact-animations were not made by modders. They were found in the files and a modder integrated them. So if there is no animation by PB, no modder can create and integrate complete new animations, as far as I understood it. But there are some experienced guys here, who probably know this way better than me.
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    Hi de-jo and thanks for your reply.

    In the previous post, i mentioned this mod:

    That guy, Malkav, has managed to create a compilation of animations at specific interaction-points in the game world: barrel, crates, grindstone.
    All the new animations are just for fun, they have no benefit for gameplay or other, they are only for immersion.

    And i would a Mod like this, maybe the Interact Mod can be expanded with other animations that i listed in the OP.
    I repeat, i don't want new animations, all of them are already included in Risen 2 and 3, and NPC have them in their routines.

    Maybe Malkav himself, or another modder can study and analyse the files of the mod, how this mod was created and then understand better how to create a new one for Risen 3, and expand Interact Mod for Risen 2.
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    i want risen2 combat system more like risen3
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