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    Hi. I used to be able to run this game and played most of the game. Now I want to play it again and finish it but faced some problems.

    First I was not able to start the game because Game would crash after the splash and a large black window on desktop. I solved this by enabling compatibility settings.

    Then I realized that I can not save the game. The game would instantly exit to desktop without any message but it generates a dump file next to risen2.exe.

    I think everyone who uses Windows10 faces this problem. Maybe it's related with NVidia cards because I did not have this problem on my 7970. By the way I have the exact same problem with Risen3 as well.

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    It seems like R2 and Win10 have some issues with each other, yes.

    But what I noticed in your error log was a rather large amount of crashes since September. Risen 2 itself crashed numerous times with exception 0xc000041d (FATAL_USER_CALLBACK_EXCEPTION). This also happened with Risen 1. Risen 3 crashed with 0xc0000374 (WIN_HEAP_CORRUPTION). And then there are a lot of other crashes with 0xc0000005 (ACCESS_VIOLATION), for example with DosBox, Spec Ops The Line, Fallout 3 and Fallout NV.

    One thing that could explain all these different exceptions is memory corruption. Either due to defective RAM or due to a broken kernel driver. So there might be some form of memory problem on your system. If you are using some kind of DLL injection (a DirectX enhancer like ENB or something like that), try removing it. Test your RAM. And, if you had an upgrade installation of Win10 (either from Win7/8/8.1 or from a previous Win10 build to the current 1607), try reinstalling Windows from scratch. I made an upgrade installation once and had all sorts of weird and seemingly unrelated problems, which mysteriously disappeared after a fresh install of the newest build (downloaded with the MCT from MS).
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