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    I am going to keep it short and simple. In the Risen 3 Collector's Edition and Risen 3 Shadow Lord Edition there is a Risen almanach. I am trying to get a hold of its information for a long time. So far I havent seen any info or scans of it on the internet. I would like to ask if anyone who owns the almanach could scan some pages for me. Or atleast rewrite some info from the almanach here. A mobile image would be fine if the text would be readable. I would like to see those pages about the islands. Especialy I would like to see Faranga, Gaurus (if there is page for it), Calador and Caldera.
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    NOTE: Do not post scans or verbatim text copies of the almanach. That would be a copyright violation and could endanger this forum.

    But you are free to share the information within the almanach using your own words.

    Knowing Deep Silver and Piranha Bytes, and the depth with which the design their imaginary worlds, you won't have to do a lot of typing anyway.
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