Deep Silver and Piranha Bytes have released another update for Risen 3. The Enhanced Edition provides a 64bit version of the game which utilises several of the advantages of the broader CPU registers (like the larger address space).

In their press release, Deep Silver writes:
The Enhanced Edition offers a graphical quality level comparable with the "Ultra" settings on the original PC release of Risen 3: Titan Lords and even surpasses this originals visuals in a number of areas: with higher resolution textures across the board, the introduction of new state of the art post-process effects such as bokeh depth-of-field and HDR bloom, and an all-new volumetric cloud system that adds even more spectacular skies and sunsets to Risen 3’s dynamic day/night cycles.

Also included are all previous updates and the DLCs.

With a total of 7 gigabytes, the patch is no small download, however.