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    Quote Originally Posted by glumetzul View Post
    Not that it would make it any better. It would actually make it worse as it would confirm PBs tendency to start things and leave them unfinished. It makes it unlikely for me to invest my time into yet a new franchise that might get once more dumped because they'll want to focus on a new game about something entirely different.

    I know that the different publishers they worked with over the years share part of the blame. But for me, as a consumer, it's the end result that matters.
    The difference, as far as I'm concerned, is that Risen was just them trying to get back to basics after Gothic 3 flopped. Elex is clearly something they have bigger intentions for, and they've stated that it's something that they've been planning for a long time now.
    And when I say Risen wasn't planned as a series, what I really mean is that I don't think Risen 2 went into production as the sequel. They obviously left it open to the possibility of a sequel but I think Risen 2 was gonna be it's own thing.
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    As Jenny said yesterday in the german Nordic forum, all text inserts can be switched off in the game settings. But she does not recommend it as you may lose too much.
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    What do you mean by text inserts?
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    He means stuff like "XYZ will remember that".
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    Prompt and there is a normal version of the game, Do not steam! ???
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