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    i hope these notes helps you make this patch always better, near the perfection:

    -CHAPTER 2-

    Spoiler:(zum lesen bitte Text markieren)
    1) i am a Shadow, and Bloodwyn always looks for his tribute.

    2) In Extremo plays their concert. I thought it was disabled.

    3) Occasionally, when i remove my shield, the Hero extract his weapon with the shield animation active.
    The Hero grip an invisible shield, and in the other hand, the blade. If you want a screenshot, tell me. When this happens, i haven't anymore my 1st level training (4 attack-combinations), but only the novice-inizial level. I don't know how, but this happens off and on... and i have to change/remove my weapons to make everything works fine.

    4) Skip owns the store's key. I suggest this possibility: steal the key from him (with pickpocketing), and not having it for free when we decide to shop with him.

    5) -Geschnorrt wird hier nicht. This phrase is present when we talk with the new cook Halvor.

    6) new monsters: i find them perfectly added in the setting.
    I'm in the Chapter 2 yet and i've just saw a (very) few of them. One red-scavenger (with 1 egg in his loot) a couple of boars and 1 hyena. Basically, this is not a real problem, they are a rare type of beats and that's ok.

    But maybe you should slightly increase their number.
    Example: a group of 4 scavenger, you remove one of them and put one red scavenger. In this way, the experience is not affected.
    Hyenas and wild boars, instead, you can create sporadic group of them (3 or 4 elements)

    7) i don't find any vendor selling salt.
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    Thanks for the report, I'll check what's wrong

    2. I enabled In Extremo for my own pleasure, and I forget to disable it...

    4. indeed. I will add his key only as a trophy (he will have it only if he is dead).

    5. I wasn't happy with the translation, so I let this to remind me to check a better translation.

    6. I forgot to add one alligator... they will stay so, limited in numbers, I thinks it's better this way. The red scavenger is a kind of tribute to Gothic 3... Good idea to change in a group of scavengers one for being red.. I'll try this, I like it.

    7. I was in a hurry, I'll add salt to merchant's inventory.

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