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    Greetings everyone, although I play Piranha Bytes titles since Gothic 1 (the best game ever, IMHO), I just signed up. Need a little help, please.

    I know that in any previous Piranha Bytes games, in order to kill someone you have to strike a final blow after the person is down; however, no matter what, this doesn't work in Risen 2 (it seems), I keep hitting the mouse buttons and any key combinations and all my character does is keep "attacking the air"... I have googled it forever and can't find a single word about it, is my game bugged? No pdf manual in my Steam folder either. Holding the right mouse button and then the left one doesn't work as it used to in previous games -- as I think it was the way to finish them off, if memory doesn't fail.

    I actually find ONE thing about it; I read somewhere: "Note: You have to attack them again, when they have been struck down, to actually kill them": well, like I said, here it doesn't work.

    I am incredibly sucked in by the game, but I just HAVE TO (well, let's put it this way: I want to) kill "a generic character" in order to do something unnoticed and am feeling like an idiot, stuck for hours trying to figure out this simple issue.

    You just can't kill anyone other than enemies in the game or what?

    PLEASE lend a hand. Thanks in advance.
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    If I remember correctly, you cannot kill random NPCs in Risen 2. That would be way too inaccessible for the modern consumer! Total no go.

    The only people you can kill are those who you are supposed to kill. Everyone else is immortal.
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