Kai Rosenkranz's new album, Journey Home, has ended it's successful Kickstarter campaign. Not only was the initial budget reached, but also all stretch goals have been funded as well.

In Kai's own words, that means:

+++ WE DID IT! +++

Today at 11:11am CEST, my Kickstarter campaign ended. Donations amount to a total of $43.309. Incredible! I would never have expected that, you guys rock! Yiieeha!

All stretch goals have been unlocked:
+++ We'll record an orchestra !
+++ Lisbeth Scott sings for us
+++ We'll have a limited Vinyl edition
+++ Baris Aladag will contribute a music video
+++ I'll hold a composition workshop
+++ The Gothic medley will contain 10 Gothic themes

THANK YOU ALL! This is so amazing.
(Voting winners - and suitcase winners from the live stream - will be announced soon.)

Have a great weekend everyone!

World of Risen would like to congratulate both Kai and the community for making such a wonderful endeavour possible!

If you want more information about the project, check the links below.