Kai Rosenkranz, composer of the soundtrack of Gothic 1-3 and of the first part of the Risen-trilogy, has decided to compose music again after his five years abstinence.

According to Kai, the album will be very personal and is not made for any video game - just music from Kai and some of his friends.

To finance the project, Kai has started a campaign on Kickstarter, 20.000 $ are needed. Further stretchgoals like included orchestra musicians are planned.

For backers spending at least $14, some Gothic and Risen medleys are included. A "Let's Meet Special" for $125 is available, too, which means camping and barbecue with Kai, Mike Hoge, Mattias Filler and Sascha Henrichs - all of them are or have been long-time members of Piranha Bytes.

Furthermore, Kai has launched a thunderclap - and donations via Paypal are possible, too.