Hey, so I discovered a locked chest with high-ish skill early in the game and now when I've levelled up my thievery I wanted to go back and check it out. Problem is I can't find it anymore.

I just remember it was either on Tacarigua or Sword Coast and it was in the jungle, maybe hidden a bit behind a foliage or something like that. Can anyone have some advice for me? It's probably not important it just bugs me so much I had to register and ask for help

My hope is somebody would know because there aren't that many high-level locked chests in the jungle. Also it isn't the one on the southern beach of Tacarigua guarded by 4 ghouls, neither the one in the middle of the island, in the corner of a field by the bed. Thanks.

(sigh, I just wish we had map marks in this game)