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    Someone asked:
    "I am stuck at the Reactor mages quest. I just dont know what to do.
    I have the first monolith stone brought from the Tacarigua Island, then nothing. Where do I get the other two stones?"

    Any idea?
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    Erasmus told you that a gnome ( Kasim) was tasked to get the other 2 monolith stones. The gnome ofc stashed the stones. You can:
    1. Stumble on his hidden chest by exploring and get the stones or
    2. Follow the gnome to his hideout after telling him that someone found his chest ( I think you get an extra 100 glory this way).
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    You get the 2 other monolith stones from the gnomes "Kasim" quest. hes the gnome to the right of the entrance of the sorcerer camp. you can find the two stones in a chest really nearby. go ahead to magnus. turn left, passing the knife throwing guy. you will see one path that leads downstairs. the chest is directly left of it. basicly its the back door of the house to the left of magnus.
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