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    Adventurer Avatar von waltc
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    Sep 2011
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    Zitat Zitat von ThielHater Beitrag anzeigen
    Thanks for the hint. This may work but it's a shady workaround as DEP is a security feature. Furthermore it looks like DEP can't be disable for a single application in latest Windows 7, the bug has to be fixed in the first place.
    Run an up-to-date OS--no problems with Win10x64, version 1709, build 17063--no DEP exception required in this case. Highly recommended. Although Win7 will not EoL officially until 1/1/2020 (a bit under two years left) the only thing being done for Win7 atm is *spotty* security patching and the odd bug fix here and there--new features and newer hardware support are out for Win7 right now--not going to happen. Microsoft is putting all of its OS resources into Win10 from here on out and has been doing so for the past three years at least. If general security is important to you then you'll definitely want to move up to Win10x64. (People rambling about "spyware" are uninformed and you can ignore them completely.)

    BTW, the reason Microsoft allows the disabling of DEP is because some older programs (games, mostly) cause a buffer overflow--it's poor programming common to the early Windows era--but *not* a security risk since the programs simply aren't viruses or malware. Malware does avail itself of buffer overflows, of course, which is why DEP is supported in hardware by Microsoft and by the CPU manufacturers like AMD and Intel. But creating a DEP exception for an older game is not a security risk at all so long as you know the game itself contains no virus or malware--as we know in this case. Being able to disable DEP is not "shady" at all--it's simply required for some poorly programmed games in the past--that were written before DEP arrived on the scene. But I haven't had to create a DEP exception in Win10x64 so far for either Gothic game to run properly.

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    Apprentice Avatar von Markus Ramikin
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    Mar 2009
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    Gothic 1 - Combat problem caused by system pack?

    In Gothic 1, having the system pack seems to do something strange to combat. I'm going up against a Scavenger, and this happens:

    I press Action+Forward to attack once, and my character attacks. Then I switch to Action+Back, to block - but instead of blocking, my character keeps attacking like a maniac. So this gets me killed easily.

    Only happens with the forward attack, somehow. If I attack using the side attack, Action + left, the character stops attacking when I tell it to stop attacking, and (usually) blocks when I tell it to block.

    I tested this on both GoG.com's version and the old retail version. I also have the community patch, playerkit, in extremo patch.

    I'm not 100% sure this is /caused/ by systempack, as it seems to happen without it from time to time. But with systempack it's MUCH more frequent for some reason.

    Anyone else had this problem? Thoughts? Does anyone understand the cause of this?
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    Gendert von Markus Ramikin (10.01.2018 um 14:58 Uhr)

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    Feb 2013
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    in systempack.ini there is trade_multipier , default is 0,5. Can I modify during the game?

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    Veteran Avatar von Aryn
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    Apr 2003
    C:/Games/JoWooD/Gothic II/system/Gothic2.exe
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    Really nice work, guys!

    Is there a changelog for SystemPack version 1.7 for g1? What are the differences from 1.6 to 1.7?

    What's the changelog of the playerkit for g1 - what are the changes between playerkit 1.08k and 2.8?

    Do I need playerkit 2.8 also for SystemPack 1.6 or is 1.08k enough for 1.6?

    How to update from SystemPack 1.6 to 1.7? In this order? deinstall Systempack 1.6, install playerkit 2.8, install Systempack 1.7? Is this clean enough?

    Gendert von Aryn (19.01.2018 um 22:06 Uhr)

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    Gothic Reloaded Mod Avatar von ThielHater
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    Nov 2006
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    @waltc: Yes, Windows 7 is in extended support phase but I doubt that Microsoft doesn't backport security updates. I haven't heard of hardware that runs under Windows 10 only, yet. Disabling DEP per application is okay but disabling it globally is just wrong. Oh and there is spyware in Windows 10, or you as you may call it "spy features".
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    Gendert von ThielHater (22.01.2018 um 21:04 Uhr)

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