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    Hand I need your support & help

    Hello people,

    I need your help my friends, some of you know that I play games on youtube. Well there comes the problem, my PC is really old and I can only record old games (My computer runs dual core processor and geforce 8400gs) so you know that its really old. I come from a really poor country and equipment here is expensive as hell itself and everything I buy games/programs for editing I buy from my pocket becuase my parents cant afford it. Every new game my friend records on his computer so I can put it on my channel. So I am asking you if you could help me there is this web site called (Kingofweb.com) and the winner gets 500$ and this would help me a lot to buy myself new computer parts so I can play new games. So if you could vote and if you could share to your friends that they vote too that would be great. You can vote everyday and there is only 7 days left til the end.


    Sorry if this is spam for you, if it is then I am sorry.

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart Damir aka LastKnownMeal
    ​​My Youtube Channel: www.youtube.com/user/LastKnownMeal

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    Ich habe die Welt schon zweimal gerettet... jetzt bist du an der Reihe.

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    TudoracheForever you know what they say... tit* or GTFO. LastKnownMeal would show us his. Therfore Jenny should too.

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