Since I cannot see or find any threads in this english forum, like "Jobborse: teams suchen Mitarbeiter" in the german one, I will open this one for me. I hope I haven't mistakened.

Hi all!

As you could guess I'm looking for a team that helps in the completion of this mod.
The projects started about an year ago when I found some nice armor textures that I wanted to add in the game. As ideas poped in my mind, the project became bigger and bigger until now I cannot complete it by myself anymore.

The mod is an expansion to the night of the raven. I have already added many things, like two worlds, music and npcs, but I will explain in detail to whom is interested.

Who do I need?

I need absolutely someone that is very good at creating images and texture (from UV Map or ex novo). Things couldn't be better if he is able to apply them to a 3d mesh, but that's secondary.

3d Artist

I also need a person with previous experience in 3d modelling. I can do basic mesh, but I'm not so good at creating completely new ones and unwrapping them. Anyway, the 3d artist has to be good at creating UV Map

Last but not least I would need another scripter. He has to have previous basic programming experiences, with deadalus or other (more serious) languages. I need such level because it would be possible that I will use script packages like Ikarus and LeGo.

These are the minimum requirements that I ask and need. Of course if I will find more than one person for each category I will be glad.

A thing that I would like to underline: since we will become a group noone will ever decide things by himself. If you have noted, I didn't looked for a storywriter. This because everybody will give his contribution to the development of the mod with their own ideas.

Note for beginners
If you just started to mod gothic, or you have no experience on modding at all, or you just would like to give your contribution, you will be welcome.
You could always help us to define the story, dialogues or game engine. Or if you like I could teach you some basic programming skill so that you could be able to create some basic mod. I will accept anything you would like to do.

If you are anterested or if you only want information send me a PM or an e-mail, or add me on skype.
Skype: xxx-frank-xxx