These are original G2MDK scripts with all German strings replaced with English strings from English version of Gothic 2 NotR. All German comments, code formatting and bugs are kept in 100% untouched state. The only changes (other than strings replacement) are:
  • "Story\Dialoge\DIA_Addon_BDT_1092_Isabel.d" removed (general dialog template commented out).
  • "Story\Dialoge\DIA_Addon_PIR_1366_Matt.d" renamed to "Story\Dialoge\DIA_Addon_PIR_1365_Matt.d" (wrong ID).
  • "Story\Dialoge\DIA_VLK_4132_Talbin_NW.d" renamed to "Story\Dialoge\DIA_VLK_4130_Talbin_NW.d" (wrong ID).
  • "Story\NPC\PAL_254_Wache .d" renamed to "Story\NPC\PAL_254_Wache.d" (extra space).