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    Gothic 3 mod

    I played quite a long time ago with QP 4.2 (I think) and CM 2.2. I rly like to begin again a new game but I see there's only CM 2.2 in English download section , on the other hand in German one there's already a 2.6. Is there a way to play with CM 2.6 in english?

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    The download in this post is described as german, english and russian version of CM 2.6.1 so I think it should work.
    You need also the CP 1.75 and if you would like to play with the QP 4.2 the update for that.
    If have not checked the newest version of CM but as I heard, your computer should be quite strong to play in good quality.

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    ... and what is strong enough to play the stuff on good-pretty good quality? I'm kind of lagging behind now that my PC got all bumped up and before I re-buy the hardware, I'd like to know on what a GPU I should keep my eyes peeled. My guess is GT 640 would do?

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