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    mods for gothic2 NOTR

    I would like to replay g2notr, and i want to know if there are any recommended mods/patches that would improve the experience. I browsed around the forum and i found vurt's textures that look very good, but other than i can't tell which of the others would be good.

    If any of you would link to things like patches, balancing mods(if there are any, i kinda liked the difficulty in NOTR), graphic overhauls, etc, even story mods that don't have a huge impact, that you think are worth installing, i would be most gratefull. Thx!

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    Hello! Well, first and foremost, get the Ironkeep Community Patch from here and then you could try the Heights of Power mod. For me it is the best mod out there for G2. Link to forum thread
    With that said, Gothic is not that easy to mod, so don't expect to find as many mods as for TES series games, for example...
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