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    DRIFTER: an RPG idea inspired by and similar to Gothics 1-3 and Risen 1

    my previous thread:http://forum.worldofplayers.de/forum...like-game-idea

    Basic Summary

    Drifter will be an immersive open world, non-linear 3rd person Action-RPG, set in a mostly medieval-style low fantasy world, with a handful of joinable factions. As compared to the Piranha Bytes games however, Drifter's world and characters are closer to how the real world was back then. For example, two of the central themes include the Black Plague and the conflict between Pagan and Abrahamic-like religions. Drifter also takes inspiration from Astrology, and has the overall theme of the Age of Pisces which it takes place in.

    Drifter's main plot revolves around two other-worldly forces battling for the future of humanity. However for most of the game, the Drifter is simply a drifter, and the deep mysteries of existence might just remain mysteries forever to players who aren't interested. There's plenty of other quests to do, some of which are quite epic.

    Item management is extremely simplified, and there is neither voice acting nor background music, only very extensive and realistic sound effects. There will be far more conversation trees however, with more dialogue options. Some spells directly and permanently affect the game world. And there are specialized mele attacks for different kinds of foes, along with two unarmed systems(for stealth and for brute force). There will also be some opportunities to recruit more than one companion at a time, as well as horses and two other less common mounts.

    About Pictures of My Game From Other Games

    I thought it would help to give people an idea of what Drifter will look like if I picked out some images from other games and basically wrote captions for them as if they were concept art for my game. Below you will find both pretty pictures and some interesting information about them in the context of my game idea(just... try to ignore the fact that some of these are originally from crappy games). If you'd like to know more about Drifter's game world, there's much more info in my first thread, linked up above.

    a village named heartless
    [Bild: avillagenamedheartless.jpg]
    in the northwest corner of the imperial Mainland lies the Sadwood, a forest which somehow is more severely affected by The Warp than most of the Empire. the Sadwood got its name because troubled people have been known to travel to it from elsewhere specifically to commit suicide. the idea for this area is based on an infamous real-life forest in Japan where people go to kill themselves.

    on the edge of the Sadwood is a small community called Heartless. the village was named Heartless because anyone who could live so near to the Sadwood and not be driven to despair by its strange melancholy is considered to be without heart or soul, totally inhuman.

    herd of wildebeests
    [Bild: herdofwildebeasts.png]
    its important in a video game that animals appear in the proper number. a single snake. a pack of wolves. a flock of geese. and yes, sometimes an absolutely massive herd of wildebeests. I liked how the Gothic games included extinct animals, so I'm thinking that instead of just normal cattle Drifter will have aurochs, the super-sized ancestor. it would be cool to see aurochs in a video game, both domesticated by the Empire and in mega herds like this. and it would be awesome to fight them as a herd when you are high level, if their AI was done realistically. when confronted by an intruder who doesn't flee, herd animals will form a ring around the enemy so he can't escape, and the bulls will take turns ramming him from different directions. happened to me once in real life, its really terrifying!

    imperial mainland forest
    [Bild: imperialmainlandforest.jpg]
    you hear a lot of people these days talking about how cliched or "tired" they think the medieval setting is in video games. but I think that perception just arises from the failure of passionless developers such as Bethesda and Bioware to do this setting justice. the Witcher games hit much closer to the mark, but they really don't scratch the freeform, open-world itch that the Piranha Bytes games do. complicated subject, but basically, you can see from looking at this forest that in an open-world RPG it would be anything but boring to explore. especially if you whip out a spell and set it on fire!

    lizardfolk aristocrat
    [Bild: lizardfolkaristocrat.png]
    I love this guy's pale yellow skin. I think its better if the lizard people aren't all just green. in Drifter they have several different skin colors. but of course they don't have any racism between the different colors, or any prejudices against any group of their people for that matter. for example even this aristocrat treats all lizardfolk equally, including lowly beggars and convicted criminals. interesting fact: the lizardfolk language is all based on three original words, called the Highwords. There is “Tahn,” which is always capitalized, meaning any and all lizardfolk, “Jehv,” also always capitalized, meaning any and all non-biological matter, and then there's “ruxt,” which is never capitalized, that means any living thing besides the lizardfolk.

    passage to the forbidden mountains
    [Bild: passagetotheforbiddenmountains.jpg]
    this image conveys the sort of creepy, unsettling atmosphere appropriate for the entrance to a dreaded enigmatic area no one is allowed to explore. in the actual game there would be a wall with a sturdy gate between the two hills of rock, and a high tower with many windows. HIG(Holy Imperial Guardsmen) in the tower can see anyone approaching the gate or who snuck around to the other side. in the foothills past the wall and tower, there is a camp of brawny lumberjacks. but these seeming lumberjacks are all elite Meta Council agents, ordered to capture or kill anyone trying to enter the Forbidden Mountains.

    sunset on the eastern coast
    [Bild: sunsetontheeasterncoast.jpg]
    this image invokes a certain romance that goes beyond what is typically achieved in videogames. it truly feels like something out of a dusty old Romantic-style painting rather than merely a pile of polygons and textures. there's a very organic sort of serenity to it that feels genuine and real. these are the kind of things I want Drifter's graphics to achieve.

    the drifter
    [Bild: thedrifter.jpg]
    this is the style of hair and beard I want the Drifter to have. they look natural, not at all combed or trimmed. but somehow they suit him. its very 1970s. sort of looks like a hippie. unlike this picture, the Drifter will have less clean-looking skin, more sun-burnt and weathered looking. the idea is that for some reason he has been journeying around the Western Wilderlands for all his life up until the game takes place, and has been through some rough stuff both physically and psychologically. to the Drifter, his exploits in the Empire are a welcome and pleasant break after whatever he went through in the West. much like the player controlling him, its just a game to the Drifter. another difference from this image is the colors: the Drifter has brown hair and green eyes(the two colors most associated with the Earth element of which he is the Pillar).

    the forever cave
    [Bild: theforevercave.png]
    the wound left in the Earth where Kronung the Violated attacked it is one of the most spectacular areas in the Ork Lands. it attracts much tourism, and a huge platform was constructed to give paying orks a better view. it also serves as a place wealthy orks can have parties(or duels) in an impressive, stylish setting. the platform is decorated with a monolithic, life-sized metal statue of Alfador, Kronung's faithful dragon.

    the grey fortress
    [Bild: thegreyfortress.png]
    the Grey Fortress looms like an alien shadow on the northeastern coast of the Imperial Mainland. the impossibly precise stonework and bizarre architecture are very different from modern constructions. the locals claim it was built by demons.
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    The vast majority of people who want to make a game on themselves just abandon...
    What are you basing your game on? Is it a mod? You shouldn't try to compete with other non-independant RPG's. If you want to make a good game, don't aim for good graphics but new ideas and great gameplay, why not give the possibility to mine and build a little like in minecraft? It would be great to be able to do that in an rpg.
    You should try to innovate.
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    Quote Originally Posted by AshleyG View Post
    The vast majority of people who want to make a game on themselves just abandon...
    What are you basing your game on? Is it a mod? You shouldn't try to compete with other non-independant RPG's. If you want to make a good game, don't aim for good graphics but new ideas and great gameplay, why not give the possibility to mine and build a little like in minecraft? It would be great to be able to do that in an rpg.
    You should try to innovate.
    I'm not trying to create the whole game by myself. I'm going to develop it through the conceptual(planning) stages as best I know how, in order to produce a "pitch" that would be impressive enough to present to someone who's in charge at a development studio. eventually I'd like to have a website for it. and I'd like to be able to show concept art(maybe including 3d CG graphics) and some kind of playable demo in addition to the formal written document that says what the game would be like.

    I shouldn't try to compete with other non-indie RPGs? are we supposed to just stand by while Bethesda and Blizzard redefine the RPG as garbage? are you really okay with the fact that RPG will soon be as dead as the Adventure genre? thats the way things are going, and no indie game can fix it.

    the thing you have to understand about Drifter is that its graphics will be very much a part of both the great gameplay and the new ideas it brings to the table: everything about the game is like that, its all cohesive, nothing is there for the heck of it like it is in other games. cohesion of game design is one of the best things about the Piranha Bytes RPGs, and one of the main goals of Drifter is to try and take that cohesion a little further. thats why this game has a chance against something like The Elder Scrolls. TES is like a big dysfunctional beaurocracy, and Drifter is the cure for that cold.

    Drifter will certainly be innovative. I think particularly the stealth/hunter gameplay(more like an actual stealth game) and the spellcasting(tons of non-combat uses, some permenantly affect parts of the world) will be pretty groundbreaking, as well as the extreme freedom and extensively nonlinear gameplay. every conversation and quest is a tree rather than a tunnel. and then there's atmosphere and immersion. I really believe that having advanced, realistic sound effects without music or voice will pull the player into the game world in a way that no other RPG does. and I know for a fact that the simplified item management will appeal to gamers who prefer stuff like Zelda. thematically, the mature, intellectual ways Drifter deals with spirituality and gender roles also give players a reason to be interested in the characters and world besides what other RPGs offer.
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    So, are you still working on this?
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    This dude disappeared from the web in December 2012. I Google searched for his user name and names of his concepts. Too bad. He had some cool ideas. Maybe he is dead in real life and this is his ghostly dream - kept forever on our posting board.
    "Don't throw stones at every dog that barks at you" George Silver
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