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    In the later half of the game, it's particularly annoying that some overdrives, particularly Holy + Rukel, and West (rarely the maidens and solithaire, but I've seen it happen with them too) cause illegal moves and mess up the turn timer, so the game doesn't know what to do next. Then I have to reload and older autosave which may have been 2 or 3 battles back, and much frustration because I run into another overdrive, or one of my characters die during battle (I always reload when that happens on principle).

    I'll explain the Holy+Rukel problem, because that happens to me the most. Holy starts his Bla Bla Bla routine, and my characters are typically in formation to body-block a narrow approach. I usually stick Rukel in as a rearguard, but when Holy starts his story, Rukel is attracted to it, so he starts walking through the formation to get closer to Holy. Then the sleepytime hits, and he's stuck sleeping on an already occupied square. On the grid, he spins around like crazy, and the turn-timer thinks he's still a viable player even though he's asleep. When it gets to his turn though, I can't do anything with him because he's not supposed to be there, and he's asleep. Sometimes it passes his turn when I right-click on an enemy, but more often than not, he's just stuck. If I manage to win the battle during this condition, he takes over the occupied spot, and the person there before ends up in a strange place.
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    Did you try quicksave and reload that? I can imagine that this bug is very annyoing, it never happend in my game though.
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    Its a funny bug. Don't know what to say.
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