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    IGN published a new preview of Risen 2: Dark Waters. The article reveals a few new information, like a brief mention of a new NPC or some quests. There are also videos and screenshots available. Most of the article, however, is a repetition of known facts. Like explaining that most Americans were shocked that in Risen 1, you could actually die during the tutorial, and that in Risen 2, this [q]error[/q] had been corrected.

    This is a game with a hell of a battle on its hands to win your attention in one of the greatest eras for the role-playing game since the late Nineties, but Risen 2: Dark Waters is doing its very best to distinguish itself from the crowd. It fills the hardcore RPG niche for players who are happy starting off as a nobody rather than an instant superhero – and there aren't many gamers out there who haven't wondered from time to time what a real, deep pirate role-playing game might look like.

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    Any chance of getting your hands on high-res versions of the three new screenshots in the article?

    And no, they aren't in the IGN image gallery yet.
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    The pics were exclusive for IGN for this weekend. I assume that we'll get them tomorrow. When we do, we'll put them up on our gallery, of course.
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    It seems that the exclusivity is over: the pictures and some others are available on strategyinformer.com: here.
    Thank you to JamieSI for the information.
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    I love the screenshot 37#/50, the harbor seems livlier than in Risen I, and somehow atmospheric too.

    I've had a really bad day and I have to relieve my tension. Hold still...
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