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"just casualties of circumstance"... This trailer, and the other one I posted yesterday made me think about something someone said in another game, "Did I ever tell you what the definition of insanity is?"
TW3 is a dark game, full of madness. I like a lot the story, how the hero is searching for Ciri, in a world full of people who have lost all hope, and mythical, cursed creatures. It's a cynical game.
I agree, this game is worth it's euros. 30 or something different endings? Can you imagine the replay value?

Indeed, just amazing, and I would be content with just one ending. Hell, G1 and G2 had only one ending (with slightly different paths) and they were still amazingly replayable.

Also, it is spelled "its euros", not "It's euros", for it is possessive.

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