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    [G1] [Release] Quick Save and Load function for Gothic


    I'm playing Gothic 1 for the first time (my first Gothic game was G2+NotR) and I love it. But it also has numerous bugs and occasional crashes, making it important to save often.
    To make saving and loading easier I've written an AutoHotkey script. It will save the game automatically when you press F5 ingame. You can load the last quick save by pressing F9. It uses 5 different save slots, so if you save at a wrong moment (when dead for example) you can restore up to 4 earlier quick saved games.

    Two versions are included: A compiled version (.exe) which DOES NOT require additional software to work. And a script version (.ahk) for those who want to be able to edit the script. To use the script version you need to have AutoHotkey (click to visit their site) installed. Check their site if you'd like to learn more about AutoHotkey.

    A readme file is included in the archive.
    If you didn't apply the FPS patch to Gothic, the script works too fast for the game to catch the input.
    Open Gothic_ahk.ini and change the line InputDelay=100 to InputDelay=200. If it still won't work keep increasing the number by 50 till it works.
    After editing the .ini file the script needs to be restarted.

    I've uploaded this to do something back for the community, one of the best in the world.
    Hopefully this will improve your Gothic experience.

    Updated version:
    - Increased the default input delay for better compatibility.
    - Added 2 more save slots, the total is now 5.
    - The script will now remember the last used save slot, even if it has been restarted.
    - The game will now automatically start after the script has been started. (Can be disabled in Gothic_ahk.ini).
    - Added tray icon to Gothic_ahk.exe.
    - Added tray tooltip.
    - Added description and company info to Gothic_ahk.exe.
    - Updated Readme file.
    - Created an easy installer.

    Download link: GothicQuickSL_v1_1.zip 346.5 kB (If the link stops working in the future feel free to contact me via this forum so I can fix it).

    Although this isn't a mod I think the mod section would be the best to post this in.

    Could a moderator please change the title of this thread to: [G1] [Release] Quick Save and Load function for Gothic
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    Hello, good work but or that script works on Gothic 2?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paulito View Post
    Hello, good work but or that script works on Gothic 2?
    You don't need this tool for G2 because you can activate these keys via Gothic.ini file:
    Spoiler:(zum lesen bitte Text markieren)
    ; ... with this value set to "1" you quicksave and quickload slots will be enabled in the savegame screen. press "F5" to quicksave and "F9" to quickload
    ; this feature is not testet good enough yet, and therefore it is disabled for goldmaster. you may enable it at your own risk by setting it to "1"

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    Thanks for your work on this, just started a new play through of Gothic and will give it a try.

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    the link is broken, it goes to a 404 eror after the waiting time, any help?

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    i downloaded it just fine

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    interesting, maybe i´ll try it.

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    does this work for mods too?

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    Upload it on http://upload.worldofplayers.de, it won't be deleted then

    Also: If you want it to work for mods (and keep seperate files), you better track the modname It's included in the parameters the Gothic.exe is called with, so in case you have access to those you can use that. Otherwise... Ikarus is able to get the command-line (MEM_GetCommandLine()), so you could work your way backwards to find the command-line or I can help you in case you're not used to Ikarus and programming in general (requires access to process-memory). The modname is included by the option -game:name.ini.

    (PM me if you want help)

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