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    Honestly ,i`m sure that the project has failed .I don`t even remember how many years it`s been since they first annonced that chapter 1 was ALREADY finished . It might be 4 or 5 years. Seriosly now ,who would work on a community project for so many years ?

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    t might be 4 or 5 years. Seriosly now ,who would work on a community project for so many years ?
    We do, but thank you for your faith in us.

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    What abou the language of the MOD? Will it have English text?

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    Hello. Although I never had an account or even posted here,I used to check what is up with the mod and forums from time to time, so I ask if you have even an inaccurate release date or something to joy us , Maybe some info like how much is done or something would be nice keep up the good work and dont be dissapointed there are a lot of guys like me waiting this even if it takes like forever , Hope you dont throw this ! Cheers

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