In order to help you better with your problems we decided that some rules should be established in here.
Just for warning those who ask for cracks or any other illegal stuff : The thread will be immediately closed and you will only receive ONE warning.

Before asking for help in here you should know if this is a technical problem,a story problem or none of these.

Technical problems

Examples :
  • Game won't start.
  • Problems with saves.
  • Game crashes.
  • I want the view range to be bigger...

and so on. If you have this kind of problem then please read here ---> Technical Help

Story problems(includes bugs of the game)

Examples :
  • I can't get Lares to come with me...
  • Stuck in the VoM(Valley of Mines)
  • Where is the orc ram?

and so on.
If you have this kind of problem, feel free to make a new thread like this :

Thread title
The first thing to make sure is to put the version of the game you have(Gothic 1 or Gothic 2 or the addon).
Examples :
  • Gothic1: I can't find Xardas
  • Gothic2: I can't find the fire dragon
  • tNotR: What must i do to use Beliar's Claw?

Of course that you can use acronyms like G1 or G2 but there must be something that indicates the version of the game.

Post content
First, take a look in the quest-log of the game, to do so press L (the quest-log button) and write down in your post how the quest is called.
In the post please make sure that you tell everything you tried and didn't worked and be as detailed as you can. We haven't been near you while you were playing
A post like :
Where is Xardas?
doesn't help us very much.
Write the chapter you're in(for example) and again i say that you should write what you tried and didn't tried because we wouldn't like to waste ours and your time by posting things you already tried to do.

Other kind of problems

Examples :
  • Editing questions
  • Modifications problems
  • Forum problems

and other problems that could be about Gothic and this forum. Please don't ask for example : What's the highest mountain in China? because i will be very surprised if someone will answer that to you For this kind of problems there is Google to help you.

Editing questions
A lot of them can be found in Editing - All about scripting, level design and compiling(this is for beginner and medium/advanced questions) and in Basic Modding thread(for more general questions). A good idea would be to keep posting in them since these are usually watched by experts from the german part of the forum.

Modifications problems
Well since there are not much of them for the english Gothic games i don't know how much questions will be in this section but if it does happen then make sure you put in the title of the thread the name of the modification.

Forum problems
If you do have problems with the forum then make sure you write in the thread title Forum: . But it would be better if you would post in Feedback and suggestions thread.

The Search function
You can also try to find a solution on your own with the very useful search function:
Click here to go to the search page ---> SEARCH
Here is something for you if you're not used with how a forum works.
[Bild: search9mn.th.jpg]

More general questions
In the case that your problem is not listed in here but it is related to gothic then here is what you should put in the title of the thread :
  • General :

Forum users

We would like to announce the other users in this forum that any useless post in the threads of this forum will be deleted without any notice, spam posts will be deleted followed by a "little" warning and OT(Off-Topic) discussions or just discussions of any kind will be moved to Peanuts forum or Gothic Discussion without any further notice.
If you want to help the ones who ask for help make sure that the information you provide is a correct one. Keep on giving false informations(advices) and we will consider them spam posts(deleting them and warning the ones who give them).

Having this said we wish that you can give or receive help in an efficient way .
good luck,

Thanks to werner and rashnu for corrections and suggestions.