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15.01.2006, 21:53
i donwload it in hig resolucion....there is no sound !!.....

i read the other topic of the movie

and i don't underand well if there is subtitles to the video o there will be..

to many answer and question and my poor english make mi get lost in the other topic..


15.01.2006, 22:18
Well, maybe you need codecs. Do you have problems with other movies ? You can try codecs like Ace Mega Codecs Pack (http://www.free-codecs.com/download/ACE_Mega_CoDecS_Pack.htm). If it doesn't work, try the low quality version.

About the subtitles, they don't exist yet, but the guys from TMT Productions, said they will make the movie (not trailer) in english too. Maybe until they finish the movie someone will make subtitles in english for the trailer.

15.01.2006, 22:57
i donwload it in hig resolucion....there is no sound !!.....

I had the same problem and usually it is a sign of conflicting codecs.

Anyway, when I tried a different player (Real Alternative Player; i.e. Media Player Classic instead of the dreaded Windows Media Player) I enjoyed perfect sound and video and I certainly didn't alter the codecs first.

However, the fact that it worked on my system doesn't necessarily mean it will work on yours, but it's worth a try. ;)

16.01.2006, 02:19
Try this video, i have re-encoded it, now itīs DivX 5.21 and MP3 audio, should work:

trailer_reencode.avi (http://rapidshare.de/files/11130422/trailer_reencode.avi.html)

About a codec-pack, i recommend:

Gordian Knot Codec Pack 1.9 (http://prdownloads.sourceforge.net/gordianknot/Gordian.Knot.Codec.Pack.1.9.Setup.exe?download)

But that doesnīt mean that the other codec pack isnīt good, i just donīt tested and know it, but i tested and use the linked codec-pack.

16.01.2006, 16:46
thanks solved problem