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06.01.2006, 19:36
I've reported the missing people to Vatras, been accepted into the Circle of Water, and found relief for Lares. Now my journal says I have to go through a portal, but it doesn't tell me where the portal is. Does anyone know where to find the portal?

06.01.2006, 19:40
Do you whant hints or spoilers?

You should talk to Lares. He knows more. He needs to take something to the Wather Mages. You should follow him there. After that you will be told what to do to enter the portal to Jhakendar.

The portal is deep under the aztek-like pyramid in the north of Khorinis. Look here (http://mondgesaenge.de/G2DB/EN/)

06.01.2006, 19:46
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This is a map of the place! *click* (http://mondgesaenge.de/G2ADB/index.htm?data=data_orte.js&id=o_128)