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24.12.2005, 11:27
i learned the language of the peasants (1), but never thought i could spare my learning points to learn (2) and (3). after i completed NOTR quest i went and did the eye of innos quest and returned to-hmm-(spelling) back through the portal to the temple where the water mages were, and having a bunch of stones (magic2-strength 2 and 3, life force and so on) i sought out (spelling) myxr to learn the language of the warriors and so on. But myxr was missing. "and i remember seeing his body in an old mine down the stone steps from the circle of the sun" on the other side of the portal (where all the mine crawlers were). why would the game programers kill-off myxr ?So that i could not learn the language. I am stuck with a whole bunch of stones that every game player needs. who else teaches the language ? If you have any experience with this "problem" i would like to hear from you. thanks , rev.

24.12.2005, 11:35
I can answer part of youre question. When a NPC goes from a world to another (like from the new world to the valey of mines for example) they are killed and moved to a remote cave (in this case the one near the stone circle of the sun - where another person from the forum saw another NPC dead there - must be a popular cave no? :D). This depends of the chapter you are in. In this case all the wather mages are in the add-on world yes? And they were in the new world so all the mages that were in the new world (except Saturas) are dead and scatared trought the world.

If Myxir disappeared there must be a bug. Or he is somewere else (I didn't finished the add-on so I don't really know) or there is a bug and he felt down a valey and got stuck there.

I remember there is a person in the add-on world except Myxir that can teach you the languages (maby not all of them but it's worth to try). He lives in a house in the area where there are orcs. He needs some clothes and he could instruct you in the ancient culture language.

Hope I enlightened you!

See Ya!


24.12.2005, 12:47
Myxir is next to Vatras now in Khorinis.....also the hermit by the teleporter in the valley(in Jharkendar) can teach you the language of the builders.

Hope this helps.

24.12.2005, 15:13
the hermit in the new world got killed; so i am out of luck there, and i have not seen myxir next to vatras because i am in the valley of mines. In the original gothic2 i saw gorn dead in the same mine; thatis down the stone stairs near the circle of the sun. When i have killed the dragons i will return to vatras and look for myxir; if i return now there will be a whole boat-load of orcs to kill, because i think that the game will believe i am finished with the dragon hunt quest. thanks . rev.

24.12.2005, 15:35
yes myxir is behind vatras almost invisible in the dusk. thank you

24.12.2005, 15:48
Please use the Edit button if you forgot something. If you just whanted to atract attention to the thread I guess it's ok...

Don't you have a save game where the hermit was alive? BTW: what hermit are you talking about? There was a perosn in the add-on world that could have teach you this. Forgot his name but he was standing in a house near some orcs.

Go to him...

24.12.2005, 16:02
Please use the Edit button if you forgot something. If you just whanted to atract attention to the thread I guess it's ok...

In the case that you want to push the thread up, so everybody see your edit, then the best way is to do a new post, then edit the old post, there you can mark all the text, cut it out, delete the old post, edit the new post and paste the old post into that new one! http://mitglied.lycos.de/mendelsml/s9/santahat.gif

Forgot his name but he was standing in a house near some orcs.
He has no name! :p ;) :D
He is only called hermit, like a bandit is only called bandit. http://mitglied.lycos.de/mendelsml/s9/santahat.gif

24.12.2005, 18:59
Silly me! I saw that he has a name over his head. Hermit probably. I thought that his name was Hermit. BTW what does hermit mean? is it from german or english?

24.12.2005, 21:39
It's English.....it means a man\woman who goes somewhere to be alone, usually someplace secluded, like a cave in the mountains or something.

Daca m-am prins eu bine, esti roman, asa ca daca iti zic ca inseamna "pustnic" te prinzi :D

Ignore the above paragraph if you can't understand it :p

24.12.2005, 22:47
Poti sa jici si ''singuratic''(lonley)

25.12.2005, 08:04
Cuvantul potrivit este sihastru.

25.12.2005, 12:49
and now we are getting back to English.

I hate it, when I can't read it, and everytime that happens, I sometimes wanna erase such postings.

We are in a english forum, let's stay in english.

25.12.2005, 13:23
they were talking about the translation of word "hermit" in romanian

"Daca m-am prins eu bine, esti roman, asa ca daca iti zic ca inseamna "pustnic" te prinzi "
-If i realised well, you are romanian, and if i say u that it means "pustnic" do u get it

"Poti sa jici si ''singuratic''(lonley)"
-You also can say "singuratic" (lonely)

"Cuvantul potrivit este sihastru."
-The right word is "sihastru"

is it better now? :p :D

25.12.2005, 13:41
is it better now? :p :D
Yeah ^^.
I hope I don't have to learn romanian to understand you in here ;_;.

well you can translate everything for me and I have to accept it, that is the problem ;_;.

25.12.2005, 13:47
This is the language of the builders :D :D :D
If you wanna learn it go to Diego hes our translator :D