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11.11.2010, 01:57
I just discovered the English version of this patch today. I installed it and all of its' alternate features. I'm currently in Chapter 2, and I have completed NOTR. The patch notes mention that the Dragon Slicer is supposed to be no longer in stores, but the Paladin weapons dealer at the castle in the Valley of Mines is still selling it. Also, the notes mention that you can train up way past the normal 93 attribute limit, which is where my strength is at, but no trainer will train me in strength past that limit. Do I need to start a new game in order for the patch's new features to be fully activated? :dnuhr: So far, all I've noticed is the rebalancing of the Beliar's Claw and Betty weapons.

Trokar the White
11.11.2010, 02:35
And I quote: "Additionally, the Alternative Balancing system will require you to start a new game should you wish to play with it installed."

11.11.2010, 09:10
Why you're trying to use an obsolete version of patch? The latest version is 2.10 (without 'Alternate Balancing' feature):

13.11.2010, 02:57
Primarily, because the 2.10 patch (at least the one up for download here at World of Gothic) seems to be in German (makes NOTR read as "Die Nacht des Raben") and produces the following error whenever I try to run the game with it (every time):

C: maximum texture size is lower than 32. possible reasons: wrong gfx driver setup (install other driver), bad os state (try to reboot), or insufficient gfx hardware (buy better gfx card!) :scared:

The older version I'm using is the last version I could find that was in English and worked. When I use it, I get no errors and I can run the game perfectly.

13.11.2010, 10:38
Whether you know that you were mistaken twice?;)
- In the first, all texts of this patch in English. "Die Nacht des Raben" screen shows an executable file from the NotR report version (2.6 fix).
- In the second, in an appropriate thread (http://forum.worldofplayers.de/forum/showthread.php?t=904321) I already described the reason of this error appearance and a method of its treatment.