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30.11.2005, 15:51
So, ive got only two qestions :
How and when i can become a Dragon Hunter?
Can i go to NOTR world at chaper 4?

30.11.2005, 16:30
You can become DH if you are a merc and after helping Bennet to get out from jail, he'll have a present for you
i think you can go to Jharkendar in 4th chapter too

30.11.2005, 17:22
No, you can't. The latest point, where you can go to Jharkendar is the 3th chapter. Vatras don't want to repair the Eye of Innos in the 3th chapter and that's because he don't want to leave the town. He need a relief. So you have to send him one watermage. But you have to do this from Jharkendar and before you can do this, you have to do the quest of Saturas.

What about my english? ;) I know, not very well, right?

30.11.2005, 20:02
Deadly arrow thanks , now i got a light dragon armor but where i can get better ?
Klinge your english is good :D , thanks about the hint , now i need go jharkendar :)

30.11.2005, 20:26
you will have better in time ;)

and, Klinge, your english is really good, many ppl here aren't english native-speakers too :)

03.01.2006, 22:07
seems a bit pointless... im on the 4th chapter which is all the point of having the light drag.. and doin the drags with light armour, med and heavy should be available about now, atleast med.

03.01.2006, 22:17
You can go back to Jharkendar in every part of the story. You of course should go back in Chapt 5, beacuse there are a lot of beasts spawned there. I advise you to go to the canyon again and that big minecrawler cave too. Lots o' trolls, lots' o xp.