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26.11.2005, 19:37
garret said that greg dig somewhere on the souht beach his compass , i find a X , but how i can dig up ??? :confused: :confused:

26.11.2005, 19:39
come closer and press action (CTRL)
you need to have an item for digging, as Greg gave to you

26.11.2005, 22:18
you need a pickaxe, and as DeadlyArrow said, get close to the X, and "use" it.(Ctrl). wait until he hits the ground several times, and then you will see the "treasure" come to surface.... So I guess I now, know what those X are for ... ;)

27.11.2005, 10:04
yeehaaa , know i know how to dig tresures !! thanks :D

27.11.2005, 12:09
There are lots of treasures in Jharkendar, and these are worth a lot, so dig up all of them. They give xp too. And still, there are 5 treasures in Khorinis.